Training for my first full marathon!

imageRunning a marathon has been on my to-do list for quite some time now. I grew up watching my dad train and complete countless marathons, including Boston (multiple times). So, it’s not hard to understand where my thirst for running comes from!

I have known for a while that I wanted to dedicate myself completely and train for a marathon, but in April this year I officially made the decision. I was watching the live streaming of the Boston Marathon and found it incredibly inspiring, at that moment I knew I was going to complete my first marathon this year. I also knew that running the Boston Marathon was something I wanted to do in the near future. By near future, I mean my original plan was to fly to Regina, Saskatchewan in September and run the Queen City Marathon on September 11 with the intention of qualifying for Boston 2017. That is literally, the last day you can complete a marathon and use it to qualify for the 2017 event because the registration opens the following day!

I registered for the event and told my family of my plan. My coach told me I was more than capable of running a sub 3:35 marathon -the qualifying time for my age, though it has to be at least a few minutes faster than that or more depending on the field. What I didn’t fully realize was that while I am capable of this time goal, it doesn’t mean I am capable of it on my first attempt at a marathon. For 2 months I went along thinking this was attainable and telling various co-workers and running buddies of my goal. And then, last week, reality started to set in, it was just over 2 months until race day and I had yet to run more than 23km on a single run. How was I going to double the mileage and maintain a sub 5:00 min/km pace for 3.5 hrs?

With the realization that my original goal may have been a bit over zealous, came the realization of the financial commitment of flying to and staying in Saskatchewan for a weekend. Flights are pretty steep for that weekend and to be completely honest, Regina isn’t my ideal weekend getaway (no offence). Plus, I am completing another one of my bucket list races in November: the remix challenge at ROCK’n’ROLL Las Vegas, Run the Strip at Night, so it would be more responsible to put my money towards that! Anyway, for all the above mentioned reasons, I decided to give myself an extra month of training, save a bunch of money and run the GoodLife Victoria Marathon on October 9, 2016 instead.

The extra month of training will be beneficial for many reasons, plus I can get more “training” races in before my big day. So far, I am registered for: The Summerfast 10km, The Squamish Days 8km, The Seawheeze Half Marathon, The PNE Donut Dash 5km (doing this one for the medal, let’s be real), and The Eastside 10km. I am also thinking about adding The 5 Peaks Whistler 10.6km enduro course to my race roster. I am a newer trail runner and looking to get onto the trails once a week for now. Fun fact: my second half-marathon ever was a trail half-marathon. It was in Guelph, Ontario and on Halloween weekend while I was in undergrad at University. So, no mountains, but a 6-pack of Corona the night before. Oh have times have changed, and for the better!

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