Squamish Training Camp Recap: Day 2




I woke up pretty early, as in before 6am, without an alarm. We had a trail run planned at Alice Lake and I was going to be picked up at 8:30am. I had oatmeal and strawberries for breakfast and grabbed a coffee from Bean Around The World at the end of the street. I filled my hydration pack, grabbed my trail runners and waited for my ride.


The drive to Alice Lake only took 10 minutes, we went to the four lakes trails, which were beautiful! None of us had run at Alice Lake before except coach Mar, so we eagerly took in the scenery. She was a great, entertaining guide and we covered a fair amount of trail. The terrain was a mix between flat and some inclines, some easy parts of the trail and some more technical. All in all, it would be considered a beginner trail, I would say. It was an easy 60 minute run day, and it was awesome to do it in the woods. Squamish has a bounty of trails, and Alice Lake is just one example. There are trails everywhere, you just have to find them. After our run, we re-hydrated with coconut water (Thanks, Jes!) and headed to Alice Lake beach to relax for a bit. When we could no longer contain our hunger, we drove to Bean Around The World for some sandwiches and coffee then went back to the beach to eat and hangout.


After the sand and sun, we drove to downtown Squamish and had gelato. We also cruised the local shops. It was HOT, and we were tired after a lot of time in the sun. We decided to take a bit of a pre-dinner siesta. I showered and actually managed to fall asleep briefly, I am NOT a napper, but I was exhausted. We had dinner at The Howe Sound Brew Pub. I chose a burger with salad and a glass of their anniversary dry hopped sour beer. It was all quite good and satisfying. The burger was super juicy. I would definitely recommend Howe Sound Brew Pub for lunch or dinner when in Squamish!

One thought on “Squamish Training Camp Recap: Day 2

  1. I’ve heard the brew pub is supposed to be great! Alice Lake was the spot for my first trail race… I really loved the trails there from what I saw, definitely a nice way to get into trail running!


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