STC: Day 4


I woke up at 5am still feeling super sick, not sure if I was going to throw up or what. I had planned to meet the girls downtown at 7:45am so we could warm up together before the race. I got dressed, grabbed the bike and rode to Bean Around The World to see what I could stomach. It was surprisingly COLD out and I had to wear a sweatshirt for the first time! When I got on the bike I noticed a strange sound, I decided it was nothing and continued on to the coffee shop.


Since it was cold I had hot oatmeal and half of a small coffee. It was a struggle to eat, but I knew it was necessary. As I was sitting there, I started to get anxious about the strange sound the bike was making. I had to ride about 5km to get downtown and if something happened with the bike I would be stuck -since the buses are not the most reliable. I checked the front tire and found it was TOTALLY flat and there was a thumbtack stuck in it, mystery solved. Except for the fact that it was time to go and I had no other way to get downtown! I quickly rode back to the AirBnB put the bike in the garage and saw there was another bike there, a sleek little road bike. I called my host and she said it was cool to use the other bike, whew! I rode downtown and made it with 5 minutes to spare, however I was still not feeling very well.

We did our 20 minutes easy warm-up to the school and then it was time to line up by the start line. Mar told us the result didn’t matter and just to run at a hard effort and get a good work-out. This was a relief because with how my stomach was feeling I didn’t foresee a PB happening. This was a very small race with under 100 participants, probably the smallest one I have done. I found myself enjoying the small field and small town vibes and yelled at every one of our team members when I saw them on the course. If you aren’t going to PB, you can at least have a good workout and a bit of fun right? The course was super flat and fast -well had the potential to be fast. I have never been closer to vomiting during a run than I was during this race, but somehow I managed not to. It was tough, I did not PB. I finished at 36:47, my PB is 36:12. I had fun and I cheered on my team, so it was still a great day.FullSizeRender (1).jpg


Post-race I was scheduled to do a workout, this was a first for me. Typically, I would get off easy with something like 20 minutes “easy” after a race. No such luck this time. Since I am technically in marathon training mode, I needed to do a longer run. I did 4 x 5 mins @ marathon pace and then 30 minutes easy to finish my run with a total of 20km. And then I had to bike back to my AirBnb. I stopped for a smoothie and a scone, which were slightly easier to eat. I still wasn’t feeling well though and had a serious need for a ginger beer!

I showered, packed up and went downtown to meet everyone for a post-race brunch. We went to Big D’s, it was a good diner style breakfast spot. I had the Veggie Usual: 2 eggs any style, avocado, potatoes, and toast. To my delight, they had ginger beer! After brunch, it was time for me to say bye to the girls and catch my Greyhound Bus. It was a perfect weekend of running, eating and hanging out with solid people. I hope to do another training camp in the future!

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