Training Recap August 1-7


Now there are 9 weeks until my marathon! But first, next weekend is The Seawheeze Half Marathon, which is basically Christmas for runners. This will be my third consecutive year running it. This year I will be running with a co-worker who has never run a half-marathon before. She is super fit and plays varsity rugby, so I have a feeling she might kick my butt! After a few solid days of running and training in Squamish last week, I was feeling ready for more. Unfortunately, I got some sort of food borne illness while in Squamish that lasted until Saturday! I still ran though, it just wasn’t the most comfortable.

Monday: OFF. NTC Gracie Gold’s Core Strength Workout.

Tuesday:  40 minutes “easy”completed early morning on the seawall. I also did my regular strength training circuit which is made of up various body weight exercises.

Wednesday: Intervals with the Sport Chek Robson Training Club. We typically do speed work on Wednesday’s so we did a fartlek workout that went like this: 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1. You take 1 minute easy jog break between each interval and we were targeting 10km pace for each interval. Our training club gear arrived (finally) as seen in above photo! I also did Joselynne Boschen’s Alpha Abs Workout from The NTC app.

Thursday: 80 minutes “easy” completed early morning on the seawall. I was entertaining friends from Toronto in the afternoon and we ended up cycling 28km all over the seawall and false creek so they could get a feel for the city.

Friday: The workout with the Sport Chek Robson Training Club was hill repeats, so we ran across the Cambie St bridge to do hill repeats on what I refer to as “those tree streets”. We did 6 repeats total, 2 each on Willow, Heather and Ash St up to Broadway. I also did the NTC Yoga Ready Workout, I missed the word “workout” when I started this, thinking it would be a relaxing yoga practice. Not the case! Lots of planks! It ended up being a good arm and core workout though.

Saturday: I finally had a run where I didn’t feel nauseous the entire time, it felt great to feel great again! My workout was: 20 minutes easy, 12 mins @ half-marathon pace, 2 x 3 mins @ 10km pace, 8 mins @ half-marathon pace, 5 mins @ 10km pace, and 20 mins easy. I was super happy to hit my paces after a week of feeling sick. I also did my regular strength training circuit.

Sunday: 80 mins “easy” on the seawall as (almost) always.

Total Weekly Mileage: 66.1 km

Next Saturday is The Seawheeze Half and then I am off to Tofino with my parents, who are visiting from Toronto!

2 thoughts on “Training Recap August 1-7

  1. Sounds like a great week, good you’re feeling better now! I’m just curious, do you train by time instead of mileage? I’ve often thought about doing that! Have a fantastic race and time in Tofino. My parents want to come from Toronto and do the same! I am a very strong advocate for a trip to Tofino 😉


    • Thanks Danielle! Ya they haven’t been to Tofino since we went when I was younger some 15 years ago, so it should be a very different experience from what it was then!

      I do train by minutes instead of a set distance, though in my schedule there is normally a mileage estimate for each run. That way I am not necessarily required to hit a precise distance if I am feeling good or bad and can run however far I get within the prescribed time for that day. I have been training this way for 20 months and it’s working well!


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