Friday Five: August 12, 2016

The weekend of the most anticipated local running events is upon us. You know, the one that sells out faster than Taylor Swift tickets? I am referring to the Vancouver based fitness apparel giant, Lululemon’s innaugaral half-marathon, The Seawheeze. So in theme with that, my Friday Five will be about Vancouver!

1) Favourite Race: can you guess it? The Seawheeze, of course. This will be my third time running and participating in the event, and it is so much more than a race. For example, it is Friday at 4am and you would be hard pressed to find a Seawheezer who isn’t already in line or soon to be in line at the limited edition Seawheeze show case store. To everyone in line: Hey! I hope this goes by fast.

Instead of having a race expo, there is package pick-up inside the convention centre, and then Jack Poole plaza is set up as an outdoor race expo with sport hydration and nutrition samples, temporary tattoos, nail polish stations etc! It is the perfect combination of fitness and pampering. The other aspect to this event is the yoga. There are 3 classes offered on the Friday before the event and then another opportunity to do yoga post-race at The Sunset Festival in Stanley Park.  

The event description is Run. Yoga. Party. So, The Sunset Festival is the final component. There is live music from multiple bands, food, a limited edition Seawheeze beer, shopping and even flying trapeze -seriously hoping this is back again so I can bust out some moves. I used to do flying trapeze every weekend when I was in middle and high school. 

If you haven’t already done or wanted to do The Seawheeze, I think it’s safe to say you do now! 

2) Favourite Cafe: Birds and the Beets, in Gastown. They get beans from Bows and Arrows which is located in Victoria. I typically get and americano, but the lattes are amazing. If you aren’t feeling like coffee, they have homemade kombucha and craft soda. They bake fresh bread and treats daily, so be sure to try something with your coffee.

3) Favourite Juicery: The Juice Truck! I like to get their Turmeric Tonic the day before a longer race. It also has pineapple, orange, ginger, lemon and carrot in it! So tasty, and… turmeric! 

4) Favourite burrito: Tacofino Gastown! They also have an East Van location and a Yaletown location as well as a few trucks around town. Not recommending you eat this pre-race, but definitely good for lunch after you are done. It will replenish your carbohydrate stores for sure. I usually get the veggie one and add guac, obviously. 

5) Favourite spot to grab a beer: The Alibi Room in Gastown. Post race you deserve a beer! I heard about this place even before I ever visited Vancouver and it does not disappoint. They have the largest and best selection of draft craft beer in Vancouver and probably all of Western Canada. I like to sit at the bar to get insight about beers I have not tried and get my beer nerd on. If you’re hungry, the food is good too, best chicken wings ever with aged garlic vinegrette and cilantro!

Happy Seawheeze and have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: August 12, 2016

  1. What a fun weekend, sorry to miss it! Birds and Beets has been on my list to try for ages. I will have to when I am back!


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