Training Recap: August 15-21


This month is absolutely FLYING by which means my marathon is quickly approaching in only 7 weeks now! I am right in the thick of training with lots of longer runs and higher mileage weeks and let me tell you, my legs are definitely feeling it. The first half of my training week was completed in Tofino. I really enjoy switching up the running scenery for a few days and have been lucky enough to do that quite a few times already this summer! I love finding new routes and really learning a new place by running all over it. On this trip to Tofino, I found a new route that is partially trail, then beach and ends up downtown. I will definitely do this route again the next time I am there. So here is how my last week of training went:

Monday: 2 hrs “easy”, my dad was nice enough to join me on this long run and we chose to go on the sand of Long Beach in Tofino. We made it all the way to the end of the beach and back to Incinerator rock for a total of 21.4km. Running on sand is hard work!

Tuesday: 1 hr “easy”, my dad also joined me for this run in Tofino. We went along the bike path on Pacific Rim highway and then turned onto the path to Long Beach, the very beginning of it, which we did not run on Monday.

Wednesday: This was a speed work day, but I also wanted to try out this trail that starts on Industrial Rd. in Tofino, near Tofino Brewing. We did the warm-up through the trail which takes you to Tonquin Beach, one of the smaller perhaps less popular beaches near downtown. I knew the trail would end downtown and then the speedwork could be completed on pavement which is more favourable for hitting paces. This workout was 3 sets of 3-2-1. It felt good to get my legs moving fast again the weekends’ 30km on Saturday and the 2 easy runs at the beginning of the week.


Thursday: This was 75 mins easy, I went out on the Seawall solo. I left much later than usual as I wanted to say by to my family before they left. This was promising to be a HOT day, fortunately my 10:40AM departure was still early enough and there was a nice breeze. I also did The NTC Gracie Gold Core Strength Workout today.

Friday: The one day last week I was in town to lead The Sport Chek Robson Training Club group! We ran to the Burrard Bridge for some hill sprints, we haven’t done our hill sprints there in a while and a few of the members remarked on how much EASIER they felt than when we started. It’s awesome to see people feeling fitter, stronger and more confident after only a couple months of running. I did The NTC Gracie Gold Core Strength Workout again today.

FullSizeRender (2)

Saturday: This was scheduled to be a marathon pace interval day of 5km, 4km, 3km, 2km, 1km starting at marathon pace and completing the last km as fast as possible. I was a bit nervous about this because my legs were feeling heavy and tired, maybe my mental strength wasn’t there that day or maybe my legs were really freaking tired, but I started this workout and could not hold marathon pace. I opted to switch it for my Sunday long run, 2 hrs 15 min “easy”. I will do my Saturday workout tomorrow (Tuesday) and plan to nail those paces!

Sunday: Months ago, I found out about this race at The PNE called the Donut Dash 5km, it sounded kind of fun to run around the fairgrounds before opening. I also like to throw in a 5km race every so often to work on speed. Since I ended up being in the middle of marathon training for this race, I did not go in with the intention of running super fast or PB’ing. My goal was essentially to practice running on tired legs and stay faster than marathon pace and I did just that. For a race that looked like a “fun run” there were some surprisingly fast runners! This race is unique because they hand out fair treats on the course, like Oreo Churros and mini donuts, I decided to forgo those though.

Total Weekly Mileage: 96km

This summer has been quite full of visitors with my parents here last week and then my boyfriends’ mom arrived the day my family left! Fortunately, I have been able to get all my running in, enjoy their company and show them the West Coast. This week will be another high mileage week and yet another visitor is coming -my friend, Jess from Toronto, who I have known since we worked at summer camp together, many summers ago! She has never been to Van so I am excited for her to experience this city!

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