Training August 22-28 and VanRace Recap


You know those weeks where everything goes well? You hit all your paces with no problem, your runs all feel great, and you still feel energized! That was how last week felt for me and I am still riding that runner’s high -hopefully right into this marathon! This was another high mileage week and I made more of an effort to do core and strength training exercises which I have somewhat neglected lately.

Monday: OFF. Rode my bike alongside the Sport Chek Robson St Training Club in lieu of running because TAKE YOUR REST DAY. I also did the NTC Gracie Gold Core Strength workout.

Tuesday: I completed my BIG workout I mentioned last week Training Recap: August 15-21 which I delayed a few days. It consisted of a 20 min warm-up, followed by 5km @ marathon pace, 4km @ marathon pace, 3km faster than marathon pace, 2km @ 10km pace, and 1km as fast as possible before a 20 min cool-down. Smashing this workout renewed my confidence and started the week of on a very positive note. I did core as well with the NTC Gracie Gold Core Strength workout.


Wednesday: I did my regular strength training circuit in the morning before work.In the evening, I did 1 km intervals with the Sport Chek Robson St Training Club alternating between 10km pace and half-marathon pace. These guys really pushed the pace and it was great to see them give it their all!

Thursday: 95 mins/ 17km easy which was done around the Seawall from BC place to False Creek. Thanks to Jess, my final summer visitor for joining me on this run and providing endless entertainment as she navigated the Seawall on a bike for the first time (and with no crashes)!

Friday: 70 mins/ 12 km easy, I took the Sport Chek Robson St Training Club on a run through the trails in Stanley Park ending up at Prospect Point. It was hotty hot, so the trail was a great place to run Friday night to escape the heat a bit. I had never done this route previously and the view was a nice reward at the turn around point! I also did the NTC Core Control workout.

Saturday: The workout today was 60 mins “easy” followed by 45 mins @ marathon pace. It was also a workout where I practice taking gels. I tried two different ones: a Huma Apple Cinnamon gel and an Endurance Tap Salted Maple gel. Let me just say, these are both VERY palatable and easy to get down. I prefer the Endurance Tap Salted Maple because it is more liquid-y than most gels, easier to swallow, and only has 3 ingredients all of which are natural! The Huma one was really good too though. I digested these without any problem and will definitely use them again.

maple_single-R1 (1).png

Sunday: Long run day! I made a last minute decision to do VanRace 30km for my long training run this week. I figured it would be much more fun than running solo, plus the water and aid stations take care of my fueling needs and I’m always up for more practice in the race environment so on the big day, there are few mishaps! I had a great time, the weather was overcast and cool, not the case at all lately, but definitely a welcome change. I was supposed to use this as a training run, rather than compete in it, so I went in with 2 intentions: 1) to feel strong and happy after finishing and 2) to keep my average pace at about 5:30/km.

I did feel strong and happy after completing the VanRace 30km yesterday, in fact, I felt like I could have kept going. I’ll take this as a good sign. When I started running, I was really trying to keep my pace slow and under control, it can be difficult to do this during a “race”. My first few km’s were: 5:38, 5:15, 5:20, 5:24, 5:25. A little faster than planned for the most part, but I was feeling SO good this morning. The next few km’s were: 5:25, 5:27, 5:23, 5:18, 5:27. The middle 10km were: 5:38, 5:30, 5:47( I think this was when I stopped to pee), 5:17, 5:28, 5:40, 5:14, 5:18, 5:07, 5:13. The last 10km were: 5:19, 5:18, 5:21, 5:32, 5:22, 5:03, 5:00, 4:55, 5:04, 4:45.

Time: 2:40:03 Average Pace: 5:19

During roughly km 13-25, I was running with 2 other women along the Seawall, everyone was very consistent. As the km’s started to tick by and the finish line grew nearer, one of the other ladies picked up the pace a bit, and the other started to fall back. Since I was SUPPOSED to run the whole 30km pretty slow, this kind of threw me off because it reminded me that this was indeed a race and I no longer felt like moving quite so slowly. I know a good number of people use this 30km to practice for longer races in the fall, but during the last 5km I wanted to pick it up a bit, so I went for it. I didn’t really feel like I was “working” during this race, so overall, it was a fairly easy perceived effort.

This was another run where I practiced fuel intake. I fueled every 30 minutes and had 1 pack of Honey Stinger chews, 1 lemon Huma Gel, and 3 Gu gels: 2 salted caramel, and 1 chocolate. I believe part of the reason I felt so energetic was from all the fueling I did. Never underestimate the impact fueling during a run! I was very happy to have been able to ingest all of this with no GI issues.

I am looking forward to more weeks like this, but if there are some less than ideal weeks that is okay too because it is all part of the process!

Total Weekly Mileage: 110km

5 thoughts on “Training August 22-28 and VanRace Recap

  1. Sounds like an epic and awesome week of training, nicely done! You are killing those long running workouts. I am also impressed by your fueling abilities! I should probably start eating more during my runs… I just, gels! BLEH! Haha. I am going to pick up some Huma gels this week!


  2. Yes!! They are maple syrup, only 3 ingredients and all natural. Plus, they are a different texture than any other gel I have tried, more like drinking something and not so thick! They are 100% my new favourite.


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