Training Recap August 29-Sept 4

So this last week was a lot less mileage than the previous weeks due to an unfortunate incident that happened last Monday. It was my friend Jess’ last day visiting and we decided to go to The Sea to Sky Gondola for the day. We took the bus there and ride the gondola to the top, which I had never done previously. It is definitely worth doing because the views are spectacular! There is a wooden balcony where you have a panoramic view of the mountains and water, and also a suspension bridge that offers amazing views too. Once you cross the suspension bridge there is a short trail you can follow to get different mountain views, we did that and took 1,000 photos and then stopped for a picnic lunch with a view. We knew there were a few other places to walk around and decided to one that boasts a view of The Chief, which I hiked a few weeks ago. This was definitely not a hike, it was more or less a gravel path, but it did not disappoint with the views and scenery. I don’t think there could ever be a “bad” view in Squamish. 

There was still time left after we completed this path, so we decided to try another one. It was rated as easy and we were interested to see what alternate views it had to offer so off we went. About 1 minute into this trail, I was going over some roots, ahead of Jess, and all of the sudden I was on the ground. I was covered in dirt and my left ankle HURT. Jess started laughing because she has a knee injury and we were joking that I would have to drag her out of the trail…not the case! I hobbled my way out and fortunately had an ice pack from our picnic I used to soothe my ankle. By the time we got home it was the size of an apple, so needless to say I was out of commission for a few days.

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: OFF, NTC Jeanette Jenkins, Hollywood Ab Blast, it was hard!

Wednesday: OFF, NTC Serena Williama, Core Power and a strength training circuit with no lower body weight bearing exercises. I biked alongside The Sport Chek Robson Training Club. 

Thursday: I did the 30 second hop test to see if my ankle was okay for an easy run, no pain, so I set out for 40 mins easy. I also did a yoga for runners 20 minute practice at night.

Friday: 75 mins easy, mostly with The Sport Chek Robson Training Club. 

Saturday: I did the workout originally schedule for Wednesday which was: 20 mins easy warm-up, 4 x 15 mins @ marathon pace, 20 mins easy to cool-down.

Sunday: My long run was 2 hrs which was a bit shorter than it has been these past few weeks, I went a few minutes shorter for a total of 20km and it felt hard! 

Total Weekly Mileage: 59 km

One thought on “Training Recap August 29-Sept 4

  1. Oh no, those random injuries are the worst! Sounds like all is OK now and you’re back at it running, that’s good. And agreed… that whole area around the sea to sky summit and gondola is just beautiful! Such a great place to take visitors.


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