My First Photoshoot / Attempt at Modelling 

About 2 weeks ago I was asked if I would be interested in modelling for some ads for Sport Chek. While I do work for Sport Chek, the offer came from the PR company Sport Chek uses. I was told I would be modelling parkas for the upcoming winter ads and that it would be a few hours in duration and I would be compensated for my time. I thought, why not? 

I am not a model and have never done anything remotely close to this. So although I accepted the offer, let’s say it was in the spirit of adventure rather than me knowing how to do whatever modelling entails. I was sent a list of different styles of parkas and boots and asked which ones I liked the best. I was also instructed to choose an outfit of my own that I would pair with the parkas and boots. After that, I was told my call time would be 5:45am -they wanted to capture the sunrise in the shoot. I spent the days leading up to the shoot hoping I would:

1) learn how to model by then

2) wake-up at the sound of my alarm (I have not gotten up this early since the Seawheeze Showcase Store)

I woke up before my alarm due to being anxious that I wouldn’t wake-up. I ate breakfast, got dressed in the outfit I had selected: dark jeans and a purple plaid shirt and headed over to the location of the shoot- Canada Place. I had no idea what to expect, or how many people to be looking for. I arrived and saw 2 people standing at the location, the photographer and another model, who I sometimes “run in the same circles” with (see what I did there?). We were given a parka and boots and asked to pick winter accessories to go with it: a toque and mittens. After that it was time to start shooting. 

Boots: The North Face Ballard Lace Boot in Brown/Green

I started with a knee-length Helly Hanson Parka, it was green and had a nice tapered waist for a feminine feel. I wore the boots shown above and thought they were pretty stylish winter boots. They are lined and also waterproof which is essential for a Vancouver winter, though they are suitable for snow too. I think they would look great with a chunky sweater and leggings or jeans. 

Parka 1: Helly Hanson W Lunar Parka in Olive Night

We set up near the water so the sun would be rising in the background over East Van. The first part of the shoot was us walking together and then separately towards the photographer. Easy enough! He would tell us whether we needed to smile, look up or down and pretend to have a conversation by saying “shayshayshay…” because that is the magic word that allows your mouth to never look contorted. The concept behind the shoot is a to and from gym look, so we were also carrying ADIDAS gym bags and the location was such that we were walking towards a gym. 

The next series of shots was closer to the gym. All we had to do was walk slowly towards the photographer and follow similar instructions as before. We also changed our outfits here, parka 2 and hat 2. My second parka was also Helly Hanson, this time it was hip length and a bright red colour. I don’t often choose red for myself, but I really liked the bold colour of this jacket and the extra pockets to stash my keys, wallet and phone. 

Parka 2: Helly Hanson W Astrid Parka in Flag Red

The series of shots that followed that was on a set of stairs by the gym, we took some shots walking down the stairs. Following that, we did some brief video footage about first opinions of the parkas and then headed up the stairs for some final shots. I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed this was and not at all intimidating. We received great direction from the photographer, who was also really good at entertaining us and making us laugh. This made for a great and comfortable environment for the shoot. I had a great time and would definitely be up for doing it again should the opportunity arise.

*This post is sponsored by Sport Chek, but all opinions are my own. 

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