Training Recap September 12-18 and Eastside 10km Race Report


What a week! This week felt like it lasted freaking forever, not too sure why! My week included a lot of running, a race during a monsoon, and a trip to Vancouver Island. Here is what my training consisted of:

Monday: OFF, I definitely needed this after Sunday’s hilly trail run. I did do my strength training circuit and some core work though.

Tuesday: 45 minutes “easy”, I also did core work.

Wednesday: double run day! I did 30 minutes “easy” in the morning and then 60 minutes “easy” in the evening with The Sport Chek Training Club. The total for the day was 17km.

Thursday: My workout was 30 mins easy, followed by 5 x 1 mile @ 10km pace, and then 20 mins easy. I was dreading this speed workout because I don’t normally do mile long intervals and they seemed pretty intimidating, but once it was done I felt great, as always seems to be the case after completing a challenging workout.

Friday: OFF.

Saturday: I had the Eastside 10km race, and it was pouring rain. I ran from my place to the start line as part of my 20 minute warm-up. Fortunately, the other members of The Sport Chek Robson Training Club also racing and I were able to warm-up inside an empty parking garage to stay dry a bit longer! Going into this race I was not sure what to expect, I had a big workout on Thursday and had planned to just run the race at a hard effort as my Saturday workout. I didn’t expect anything from myself due to being in the middle of marathon training. I was pleasantly surprised at how good I felt when the race started. I made the rookie mistake of starting too fast, I was ahead of the 40 min pace bunny for a bit and then realized and corrected my pace. My first km was 4:23 because of that speedy start. My goal was to aim for a 4:30-35 pace throughout the race. There are quite a few hills on this course, but for whatever reason they were not a problem and I felt strong going up every single one. My second km was 4:36, which was more reasonable. The following km’s were as follows: 4:31 4:29 4:35 4:25 4:27 4:30 4:21 4:14. It didn’t even feel like I had to be looking at my watch constantly to make sure I was hitting my pace, it was almost natural. I was super happy with how I felt during the course of this race. I finished at 44:28, which is a new PB for me, previous to that my time was 45:12 from West Van Run. After the race, I went back through the last few hundred metres of the course to see the ladies from The Sport Chek Training Club cross the finish line. Everyone surpassed their time goals and it was awesome to see 2 of the members complete their very first 10km race! I finished off with 30 min easy along False Creek in the rain for a grand total of 19km.

Sunday: Off. This was supposed to be my last long run of 2.5 hrs, but I took the ferry to Victoria right after my race and went to Rifflandia music festival, staying up far past my grandma bed-time. It’s good to have some fun once in a while 😉 So, I pushed my long run till tomorrow and will be doing part of the Victoria Marathon course.

Total Weekly Mileage: 61 km

2 thoughts on “Training Recap September 12-18 and Eastside 10km Race Report

  1. I’m glad I am not the only one that dreads mile repeats! Nice job getting them done! I thought about all you runners on Saturday, the weather was so gross. But a PB, amazing! I got a half marathon PB during my last marathon training cycle, and it was such a random surprise haha. Good for you for living it up on Sunday! I think making time for fun is especially important when you’re following a busy training plan. That’s awesome you’ll be able to do some practice on the marathon course!


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