5 Things I’m Excited About Right Now

This is a photo from my final long run, note the rainbow, how perfect!

1) Being done all my long runs of this training cycle! The next long run will be The Victoria Marathon, and then I will stop talking about it…after the race recap that is šŸ˜‰

2) This ADIDAS bomber jacket. I picked it up on Friday from Sport Chek, and I can’t stop wearing it. It’s perfect for the fall, when it’s not yet raining all the time.

3) Finally running my first marathon! I feel good going into it (thus far) and I have my heart set on running Boston in the future, so I am excited to experience the roller coaster that I believe marathon running is. It will give me an idea of where I am in my training and what I need to do to BQ.

4) This book! I am a running/ shoe-nerd and I love memoirs/biography’s so this is the perfect read for me. I just finished Amy Schumer’s The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, and while this book will inevitably have a different tone, I am excited to read it.


5) My best friend from middle/high school/ undergrad will be here this weekend! She has been hiking The PCT since April, yes, April. She is finishing up the last bit of hike which will end in BC, Canada, and then catching a bus to Vancouver. I can’t wait to see her and hear all about her adventures.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

One thought on “5 Things I’m Excited About Right Now

  1. Sounds like lots of exciting things going on right now! I was also pretty excited about running my last 32 km run this past weekend… yay for only 24 km this weekend! Haha. That’s awesome and crazy your friend has been hiking since April! I am sure she will have some fantastic stories.


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