Training Recap September 19-25

With less than 2 weeks until race day, I assume the time when nerves kick in is quickly approaching. Though, I am going to try and avoid that as much as possible. This was a big training week and from here on out the mileage will be going way down to get my legs fresh for the race. I plan to do more yoga than usual, which is at best a once a week thing. Here is what I did for my last high mileage week of marathon training:

Monday: I was supposed to do my last long run of 2.5 hrs and I fully intended to, however I realized after getting dressed, that I had nowhere to put my gels. My fuel band was forgotten at home and I was in Victoria. There were not ample pockets in my running clothes so, I forgoed the long run and switched it for another run on the schedule. 60 minutes easy from Vic West to Dallas Rd and back, I was feeling super energized and though I wasn’t supposed to, ran the hour at marathon pace. I also did the NTC Gracie Gold core workout and an NTC yoga class.

Tuesday: No more delaying it, time to get that last long run over with. I had company from 2 people at work so that was awesome, and it was a beautiful night on the Seawall. We did the whole loop and then headed out to false creek and past Science World towards the Burrard Bridge which we crossed and then took Pacific back to Howe and back to the shop. It was a pretty good run! I also did the NTC Abs and Arms workout. 

Wednesday: We had a run scheduled with the Sport Chek Robson Training Club and the consensus was to do an easy/recovery run. We headed out for 8km down to Devonian Harbour Park and then through Stanley Park a bit and then took the Seawall back to the shop. 

Thursday: Long interval workout starting with a 20 minute warm-up, followed by 30 minutes @ 5:15, 15 minutes @ 5:05, 10 minutes @ 4:50 and then 20 minutes to cool-down. 

Friday: OFF. My friends were set to arrive from Manning Park at 5am, after completing the entire Pacific Crest Trail on a 5 month hike, that’s about 2600 miles FYI. 

Saturday: Intervals at marathon pace, 20 min warm-up, 4 x 15 mins @ marathon pace, 20 min cool-down, this felt great and I went fast than marathon pace during the intervals. 

Sunday: 90 mins “easy” I just went along th good ole Seawall for an out and back route. 

Total Weekly Mileage: 97km *my legs are feelin’ it

One thought on “Training Recap September 19-25

  1. Sound like an awesome week of training, nicely done! And long run on a Tuesday… that’s great. It’s tough to get it done when you’ve had to reschedule, nice to have some company! I’m hoping to do a little more yoga this time.

    I was a nervous wreck my first marathon, this time I’m better! Haha but definitely starting to getting a little nervous and antsy. That must mean the taper is working 😛


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