Training Recap October 3-9

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving! There were at least 4 marathons that took place yesterday, including The Victoria Marathon, which I participated in. I think Thanksgiving is a perfect time for a marathon, the cooler weather is great for running and there’s so much good Thanksgiving food to eat after! This is what I did last week for my taper:

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 10 minutes easy, 10 mins @5:00/km, 2 x 3 mins @4:45, 8 mins @5:00, 10 mins easy. This was done at the start time of the race.

Wednesday: 30 mins easy with The Sport Chek Robson Training Club.

Thursday: 10 mins easy, 8 mins @5:00, 3′ @4:50, 90 seconds @4:40, 10 mins easy. This was also done at the time the race would start.

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 20 mins easy. It was pouring rain and I ran to this alley off Granville that is brightly painted in pink and yellow.

Sunday: Race Day! I will post a recap about this tomorrow, get ready for a long one! In the meantime, I will continue to lie in bed since I can’t walk very well and eat all the food!

Total Weekly Mileage: 34km + marathon = 76.2km

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