Reflections on Post- Victoria Marathon Recovery

After running a marathon, it is customary to give your body a break, time to recover and let the muscles and mini tears heal. I took 9 days off from running and really any physical activity at all, aside from work. I cannot tell you the last time I took this much time off from physical activity. It would probably be 10 years ago! I definitely felt like I needed a break post-marathon, but I didn’t know how such a long break would go.

From Monday (day after the marathon) to  around Friday, it was a struggle to walk. Stairs were an absolute chore and I imagine it was quite hilarious to see me manoeuvre myself around town. So, no complaints about the break there! The weekend after the marathon was prettt stormy, so it wasn’t hard to stay inside and relax. I also started a new job last week requiring me to wake up at 5:15AM and I think that helped me sleep better and feel tired! 

However, after a week off, I felt re-energized and was fiending for a run. I was not supposed to run until today though and coach was fairly firm on that though I did negotiate an easy trail run for last night instead of today. So last night was my first run back after my break. I felt good and really enjoyed running again in spite of us getting lost and finishing in the dark. Bonus is I got to put my new 200 lumin headlamp to the test and wow that thing is bright! I still won’t be doing any majorly long or challenging running  for the next little while. I am still on what’s considered a training break, but I am happy to be able to run again even if it’s short, easy runs! 

Plus, word on the street is: if you don’t need the recovery, you didn’t train hard enough! 

I am enjoying the time off more than I thought I would. I can definitely see why planning a vacation for right after a marathon is a perfect time for it, something to think about next time! 

One thought on “Reflections on Post- Victoria Marathon Recovery

  1. I think a break is definitely needed! That’s great your first run back felt good. Even better you feel reenergized!

    I haven’t run since Portland and the break has been really nice. I was active the week after with lots of walking and easy hikes. This week I have gotten back into strength training at my gym but I can feel my body is definitely not fully recovered! I am starting to crave running but waiting on the chiropractor’s approval. Hoping to be back at it next week!

    And yes planning a vacation after was the best decision ever. Haha. Also because I wasn’t worried about trying to fit in runs and working out while on vacation!


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