Recovery/ Training Recap Oct 17-23

Though I am still recovering from my marathon 2 weeks ago, I did do some light training this week. I don’t even know if it can be considered training, maybe active recovery is more appropriate? In any case, it is minimal compared to what normal training looks like for me. I am still able to sleep at night, so all is well! 

I ran a total of 3 times. 

I did 3 Nike Training Club core workouts.

I did 154 push-ups (22 a day for the 22 day push-up challenge). 

Total Weekly Mileage: (a whopping) 12.03km ! 

I also worked 4 days, 10 hrs each and that’s standing for most of the day and sometimes lifting. My prediction is: I’m going to be jacked soon. Tickets for the summer 2017 gunshow  will be on sale shortly. 

Since there’s not a whole lot to say about my training this week, I’ll mention what else I was able to accomplish this week. I got a lot done around the new house. We moved our final load of stuff from Van to Vic on Saturday. I put all the clothes in the closet, realized a good 70% are athletic apparel. I’m okay with that though. There is art on the walls. See my East Van shrine below:

Other than that, I did some meal prep this morning. Growing up, we would have this dish called achiote chicken, it is from The Cafe Pasqual’s cookbook. The restaurant is in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Anyway, you mix achiote paste with orange and lime juice, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, marjoram and of course, salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil, then marinate it for 24 hours. It will be served with roasted peppers, squash, zucchini and saffron rice. Photos to follow! 

That’s my training and lifestyle update for this week! 

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