Why I Run

When I first started to catch the running bug, I was living in Toronto and managing a restaurant. I would either run before work or sometimes run home from work. I would always be asked, “what are you running from?” Now, this was a playful question obviously, and so my answer was always “obesity”. Not necessarily true, but the point is, there are many people out there who don’t understand running. I am sure every runner has heard their fair share of nonsense like, “run 30km? My car can go that distance…” Great for your car, but better for me. Anyway, there are countless reasons why us runners run. Here are mine:

1) For fitness: I started “working out” in highschool, I’ll use that term loosely because it consisted of some friends and I gossiping while doing the elliptical machine at The JCC and not much else. Regardless, fitness has been important to me for many years and running is an effective way of achieving that.

2) To stay sane: Stress? Anxiety? Anger? Not me (mostly), I think it has to do with running and also to do with the mental strength gained from running. But yeah, I feel pretty zen most of the time and I’m into that. 

3) To push myself: New goals can always be created once old ones are surpassed. I ran my first marathon, and now I want to do another one…faster, by 3-5 minutes. And I will. 

4) To eat: I love food, especially pizza, and nothing feels better than having homemade pizza on Sunday evening after your long run.

5) It’s in my blood: seriously, it is! My dad ran the Boston marathon multiple times. I plan to be the next family member to follow in his footsteps (see what I did there 😂). 

6) To travel: I think destination races are a great reason to travel, especially because you can find one pretty much anywhere you want to go. Growing up, my dad would find races in places we were going for vacation. He did one in Australia and also in Italy.

7) For the community: runners are the best! They are nice, and most of all, we understand each other. Who else can you talk to about running or recount a race recap to? NO ONE! Anyone but a runner will get bored or walk away. It’s true, I’ve tested this. 

8) To meet people: related to #7, but different. The running community extends beyond people you run with on a regular basis…the online running community is huge! Finding people to run with or do other cool stuff with is key, especially when you have just moved!

9) To learn new areas of the city: There is no better way to learn a new place than to run there. That’s 1 reason why I run on vacation, but this is true for your own city as well and it also helps your sense of direction!

10) To inspire others: I love running and I want to share that with as many people as I can. Whether that’s convincing someone to run their first half-marathon, or helping them get their butt outside for a weekday run, I believe everyone can run if they want to. 

Now you know why I run, and my question to you is: why do you run?

One thought on “Why I Run

  1. Agree with so many of these! That’s so cool that your dad has run Boston so many times. I’d love to get there some day. The running community is hands down the best community I’ve ever been a part of. I also love using running to explore new places. It’s the best way to see things that you couldn’t see from a car!


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