Training Recap October 24-30

I ran 5 days this week! It’s been about a month since that has happened! My mileage still isn’t very high, but going back up to 5 days of running is a great start. I still have some time before I’m back at my typical 6 days a week though. I am really enjoying the access to trails I have now, there are so many choices and each of them start from the end of my street!

Monday: OFF (as always).

Tuesday: 30 minutes easy, commute run from work. This was an eventful run because I lost my footing an bailed HARD. My right knee took most of the impact and wow did it hurt. Keep in mind this happened during rush hour so all the cars waiting for the light to change enjoyed some comedy that day.

Wednesday: 30 minutes easy, another commute run from work. I did not fall this time, so that was great.

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 30 minutes easy, I went out along the Galloping Goose trail headed towards downtown, what a beautiful sunny day!

Saturday: We did a group workout along Lochside Trail, super convenient since this is one of the trails beginning from the end of my street. I walked the trail to meet the other ladies and then we did a 20 minute warm-up followed by 4 sets of 5 minutes at threshold pace and a 20 minute cool-down. Threshold pace is supposed to be about 80-90% of HR max, the pace should be sustainable in a race setting for an hour. For elites this is said to be half-marathon pace, and for the rest of us it’s about 10k pace. As my first work-out back from my training break, this was decently challenging. Though in a few weeks, it won’t be.

Sunday: I went out for an hour, which was nice. There was no agenda other than to spend an hour running. It was a sunny fall morning and I enjoyed it a lot. 

Total Weekly Mileage: 38.3

I also did 3 NTC core workouts this week and 154 push-ups. It’s time to reincorporate strength training into my week. I will aim to do 2 sessions weekly. 

I picked up Run Fast. Eat Slow. this weekend and will be working my way through all of the recipes. I am especially looking forward to the snack ideas! This will be great for my next marathon training cycle.


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