Training Recap November 7-13

Last week was pretty physically exhausting, my job is labour intensive and even more so this week. I am sure this week will be intense too, but for a different (much more fun) reason. 2XU Camp is this week, which you can read about here:

Here is what I did this week:

Monday: OFF.

Tuesday: 50 minutes easy, but I miscalculated the distance and it ended up being 60 minutes with a lot of hills. It was good and challenging.

Wednesday: Group workout which incidentally was more hills! We ran a route called the seven sisters, which like the name suggests includes 7 hills. It was great to have the group to do this with. 

Thursday: OFF, I needed this! 

Friday: I only needed to do 45 minutes easy, but a running buddy invited me trail running so we did 80 minutes instead, so worth it! Plus, my Sunday run was done early. This was also super hilly, lots of strength work this week, no wonder my legs are feeling it.

Saturday: Group workout, we did a 20 minute warm-up and then 3 sets of 2.5km at tempo pace and a 30 minute cool-down, it was a bit tough given the previous hill work this week, but a good workout as always. 

Sunday: 45 minutes easy, a commute run from work.

I also did 3 NTC core workouts, and 0 push-ups, my arms are too tired from all the lbs of vegetables I made into juice this week 😂.

Total Weekly Mileage: 51.6km

Tomorrow I am off to Toronto on a 6am flight for 2XU Camp! I will be sharing my experience on Instagram (@sydgo) and writing a recap here afterwards. 

Have a great week!

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