PT 2 of 2XU Camp: Training like an Elite Athlete

Day 2 began with a review of our functional movement screening and then a foam rolling session. Many of us runners already foam roll, but the techniques we were shown were great for getting a full body release, beyond just the lower body which I normally focus on. We were given these awesome backpacks which our Olympic Team was also given!

My favourite feature is the separate compartment for shoes or sweaty post-workout gear. The bag was given to us as a “recovery pack” and was full of of even more goodies. 

The next session was our pre-workout dynamic warm-up. I haven’t done one since I was leading the SC Robson training club runs, and it was great to get back into doing a warm-up that isn’t just running! The session that followed was probably my favourite part of the entire camp. Yes, a running drill! 

Inside the training facility there was a short straight-away track on the floor, it connects to the main track if the door is open. A perfect feature of the facility for our running drills. We did the regular A,B,C’s and then it got more challenging. They set out pylons and it would be A skips to the pylon right into a sprint or bounding to the pylon then a sprint. We also did a few where we start lying on our stomach and then pop up and go straight into a sprint. There was also a drill to practice the slight lean involved in the ideal running form. The coach would hold our shoulders and we would get into position and start running as they remained in front of us holding our shoulders and then they would step away and we would go right into a sprint. It was  a challenging workout and a lot of fun, I would definitely enjoy encorporating more drills like that into my training!

Next up was lunch, CSIO has a training kitchen where they teach their athletes how to cook (pretty cool!) and while we didn’t do a session on that, we did have our lunch in there. Lunch was prepared by the in house chef and was a variety of sandwich and wrap fillings to make your own meal and a couple different salads (all really good!). Through lunch I was staring at the clock waiting for 1pm when Seawheeze registration was to begin, turned out 1pm was only the start of my registration battle and happened during our 2XU product knowledge (PK) session. After some 45 minutes of anxiety I was able to register! We also had a brief lesson on choosing proper footwear, definitely important, but I know a fair share about that already. 

Then it was time for workout number 2: a weight training circuit. We were split into pairs and given personalized plans, some exercises used machines, some used TRX, many were body weight exercises, but it was great. Our afternoon burner (final part of the workout) was a battle rope session. This was my first time trying battle ropes and it was no joke! It takes a lot of effort to get those things to move! We did a couple variations on them, targeting different upper body muscles and were rewarded for our hard work with a Booster Juice protein shake and debrief. Then it was time for everyone to go back to the hotel and for me to complete my bonus workout: a run in the beach!

Day 3 began with foam rolling and a warm-up and I have never been happier to foam roll. I guess 3 workouts in 1 day necessitates it! We were split into pairs again and given another customized workout plan, this one focused a lot on using resistance bands and body weight exercises, but there were a few machines used for upper body work and weights used for lunges. We will also be sent personalized workout plans to use at home!

Our burner was a guys vs. girls relay race featuring a weighted sled pull, followed by a sprint and then 20 medicine ball slams. It was a really fun way to end the workout and quite challenging also! 

Lunch was a similar menu to the previous day, only this time the venue was a classroom because during our lunch we had a presentation by one of the CSIO’s sports dietitians! I thought it was a great session to include. I believe many athletes underestimate the importance and impact of diet with regard to training and performance. The key points I took away were to eat more often, 2-3 healthy snacks throughout the day and to try and make dinner smaller. Having snacks is important to regulate blood sugar and keep energy levels consistent. Many of us make a massive dinner because we’re starving and it’s 8pm and we haven’t eaten since lunch at noon, but this can lead to eating more than we need. 

The next session was functional range  conditioning, very deep stretching held for long periods of time. Painful! During this session, we were called out one at a time to do our DEXA scan. This was to learn our body fat percentage and a variety of other information including the weight of each part of the body: head, torso, each arm and leg etc. You can only wear shorts and a sports bra and they take your height and weight and then you lie on this table while the machine slowly scans each part of your body starting from your head and working its way down to your toes. You have to be as still as possible during the scan and it takes about 8 minutes to complete. While maybe not the most fun, it was interesting to experience and gain insight into another side of what athletes experience. 

Once we had all completed the scan and the functional range conditioning it was time for a booster juice recovery smoothie (get those snacks in) and a debrief before camp ended! Overall, I thought it was a great experience. I learned a lot about my body and got to try a lot of new activities I likely wouldn’t have done otherwise. The coaches were super knowledgeable and great to work with. 

I would highly recommend entering this contest next year because there is talk of holding camp annually. It was really great to be a part of it this year, and I imagine next year will be amazing too!

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