5 Simple Snacks for Runners 

During the 2XU Camp, the sports dietician mentioned the importance of eating every few hours. The reasoning for this is to keep blood sugar and energy levels consistent rather than peaking and dipping like they do when you only eat 3 times a day. It can also prevent over-eating. The answer to eating more frequently is…SNACKS. Now don’t get too excited, I don’t mean chips and cookies (though they are tasty and allowed in moderation). I’m talking healthy, wholesome, ingredients-you-can-pronounce snacks. I have eaten more than 3 times a day for as long as I can remember, I get hungry every 3 or so hours, so I use that as a cue to eat something. I have been snapping photos of some of my favourite snacks, they are all fast, easy to make, and super satisfying. 

1) Crunchy Chickpeas: this is as easy as it gets, all you do is drain and wash the chickpeas, coat them in a bit of olive oil, and season with your preferred spices. I did cumin and tumeric. Then bake in oven at 350 until crunchy, about 20 mins. You can eat them alone or use them in salads which I’ll get to..

2) Soft Pretzels: I freakin’ love soft pretzels and these are so easy to make. I used whole wheat flour, but you can use another kind if you prefer. The recipe I used can be found here: http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/2012/12/25/30-minute-whole-wheat-pretzels/

3) Cottage Cheese Toast: we all know runners need carbs, but another tip from the sports dietician was to pair carbs with protein if possible, rather than having them alone to have a more satiating effect. Bonus, protein is necessary for muscle repair and micro-tears are common after a hard workout. Cottage cheese is an excellent source of protein and low in fat. All you do is toast your bread of choice, I recommend toasting it a bit longer than normal, then spoon cottage cheese on top. I like to add spices for an extra zing. I used black pepper and chilli flakes. 

4) Mini Salads: this is where you can use your extra crunchy chickpeas, I used cherry tomatoes, half and avocado and a little bit of Greek yogurt dressing. Good and satisfying and takes 2 minutes to make. 

5) Guilt-Free Scones: growing up I would bike alongside my dad keeping him company during training runs and we would end the run at Starbucks where he would have a coffee and we would share a scone. I can’t tell you the last time either one of us had a scone because in most cases coffee shop pastries are pretty unhealthy. So, when I saw the scone recipe in Run Fast. Eat Slow. I knew I had to try it. Each scone has less than 1 tbsp of butter, much more suitable than your coffee shop version. 

What are your favourite snacks to keep you going through the day?

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