Training Recap December 5-11

This week another element was added into the mix, SNOW! It was cold, inconvenient and super slippery, I almost forgot I wasn’t in Toronto, almost! In any case, I still completed my scheduled runs. 

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 40 minutes easy, I ran home from work in the dark.

Wednesday: Typically a group workout day but, due to unfortunate work circumstances I had to miss this! I do not like any disruption to my run schedule, so I was not too happy about this. I ended up switching my rest day from Thursday to today because I worked for 12 hours and it was freaking freezing when I was finally done working.

Thursday: 45 minutes easy, another run home from work run in the dark, this was super icy making it even more of an adventure, no bails yet though!

Friday: 60 minutes easy, the snow had turned to slush on my route so my feet were nice and wet the whole time. Also, when I stopped for a mid-run photo it was so cold my phone decided to turn off. No photo and no music for the second half of the run. FAIL. Is iPhone 7 more receptive to cold temperature? 😂

Saturday: Group workout, it was super icy on our route, I ran there for an extra warm-up and because I was too scared to bike on the ice. Our workout was: 3 sets of 8 minutes with 2 sets of 3 minutes @tempo, 1 minute @10k pace making up those 8 minute sets. I took an extra cooldown to get back home so this ended up being a lot longer than planned, but it was nice to be out.

Sunday: I met up with one of the other girls from my running group and we went along the Colquitz River Trail looking for her friends lost dog. Unfortunately, we didn’t find the dog, but it was a milder day and I really enjoyed the company. 

Total Weekly Mileage: 59.3km

I also did 3 NTC workouts. In researching strength training for runners, I came across a workout from Runners World that was quite good and only requires minimal equipment I already had. I will be adding this into my weekly program for sure and doing it 2 times per week.

I am hoping the snow stays away from now on, us West Coast runners are used to milder temperatures and predictable footing, the ice is no ones friend! 

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