Training Recap December 12-18

I felt great this week, my pacing during this weeks’ workouts surprised me in a good way! I am getting excited to start officially training for marathon #2 after the holidays. I think it I am going to be pushed harder than my previous marathon, but I’m up for it!

Monday: Off. I did the essential strength training for runners program from Runners World. 

Tuesday: 45 minutes easy, this was  run home from work in the dark.

Wednesday: Group workout, I ran to the workout for some extra mileage or moreso an effective means of transportation. We did 20 minutes warm-up and then 5 x 1km repeats, it was supposed to be 4, but my RPE was too low so I got another one added on. 

Thursday: 70 minutes easy, I was home from work waiting for my new couch to arrive, so this run was needed to get me out of the house! I went along the Galloping Goose Trail to Vic West and was so hungry I had to stop at a bakery for a pain au chocolate, so worth it. I also did an NTC core workout. 

Friday: 30 minutes easy, I ran home from work directly, this is how long it takes without adding mileage. I then got ready for our run groups’ holiday party.

Saturday: Post-Holiday party group workout, we did the regular 20 minute warm-up and then 3 double sets (10 mins each) of: 4 minutes tempo, 1 minute @ 10km pace and then our regular 20 minute cool down. It was hard work, but very good, the snow was falling, a perfect morning. After I rested a while, I did the Runners World strength training session.

Sunday: Long(ish) Run Day: it was 19.25 km today, got me right where I needed to be, Dallas Rd with a bright mountain view, can’t ask for more than that.

Total Weekly Mileage: 78.5km

This upcoming week I will be doing my training in Toronto. I am going home on Tuesday for the holidays! It will be great to switch to my routes and have my old running buddy back for a few days (my dad)! Happy Holidays!! 

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