Holiday Training Recap Dec 19- Jan 1

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were full of friends, family, and food! I had 2 big weeks of training during the holidays and have been too busy to recap. So this will be a massive holiday training recap. 

Week 1:

Monday: 40 mins easy, which was going to be a run home from work, but when I found out my Saucony Freedom ISO’s had arrived, I started my run from home so I could try them out. 

Tuesday:  70 minutes easy, I ran out to Dallas rd to check out the waves, it was super windy and they were crashing over the railing and then home. This was between work and my afternoon flight back to Toronto for the holidays, gotta fit the running in so you can sleep on the plane!

Wednesday: 50 minutes easy, on the beach with my dad.

Thursday: 70 minutes easy, with the last 10 minutes at half-marathon pace, my dad joined me for this too.

Friday: 45 minutes easy on the beach and my dad joined me.

Saturday: Work-out day, the regular 20 min warm-up followed by 3 x 10 mins at tempo, which was around 10km pace, and a 20 min cool-down. This felt pretty hard!

Sunday (Christmas): I took the day off to rest and fuel for my long run the following day! 

Total Weekly Mileage: 85 km

I also did 5 NTC workouts.

Week 2:

Monday: 2 hours easy, my dad and I ran on the beach and then through the upper part of the neighbourhood for the second half of this run, it was a mild day and ended up being a 22km run. I was happy to do this run today so I could be tired for my return flight back to BC.

Tuesday: 45 mins easy, I ran home from work, after getting home at 3am due to flight delays, the focus of this was just to get it done, but as always, I felt better after I did it. 

Wednesday: Group workout, we had a hill  day, the route is called the 7 sisters as there are 7 hills to cover, it was hard work, but it was awesome to have someone else to do it with! I also did 30 mins easy which was owed from the previous day as a double run.

Thursday: 80 mins easy, I departed from work out to Dallas Rd and then headed home through the lochside trail.

Friday: Double run day, my first run of the day, 30 mins easy, started at 5:40am, what’s the difference? Dark in the morning dark in the night. After work, I did my second run, 50 mins easy back home. I don’t know about you but, I feel pretty badass when I do double run days!

Saturday: This was promised to be a tough workout and it was! I also wanted to get some extra mileage in to hit my target, so I did an extra long warm-up. The workout was 4 sets of 5 minute tempo runs with jog breaks between. It was our last workout of the year and we ran on the trails around a lake, lots of other runners had the same idea, but it’s always great to see more people out there!

Sunday (New Years Day): OFF 

Total Weekly Mileage: 99km (haven’t hit this since marathon prep).

I also did 2 NTC core workouts.

2016 was a great year for running, I had a lot of new PB’s and ran my first full marathon, and am a few steps closer to my goal to qualifying for Boston. I am excited to see what I can do this year and I am sure it will be even better than the last.

Total Mileage for 2016: 2788km

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