Training Recap January 2-8, 2017 and Pioneer 8km race 

This week was much lighter than the last 2 which was a great lead up to the first race of the season. That being said, I worked a lot and did not make time for strength training and core work. This week will be better!

Monday: After working 11 hours I did 40 minute run home from work.

Tuesday: I ran 70 minutes easy out to the ocean on Dallas Rd and then home.

Wednesday: Group workout, we did a 20 minute warm-up and then 5 minutes at tempo, 4 minutes at 8km pace, 3 minutes at 8km pace, 2 minutes at 5km pace and then 3 minutes at tempo followed by a 20 minute cool down. It was a mild workout because of the upcoming race, but it felt great.

Thursday: 30 minutes easy to get home from work.

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 40 minutes easy, I went out on our regular Saturday workout trail.

Sunday: Race day! We got to the event nice and early and headed out for a 20 minute warm-up run, it was pretty cold. The goal going into the race was just to run at a hard effort and not be overly concerned about time. While I know it’s early in the season, I find it hard to not be concerned about time. I reviewed my 8km PB time from the Race Roster 8km in March 2016 and saw it was 36:12. And then I decided I should beat that. 

Before I knew it, we were lining up at the start and I had no race plan other than to see what I had in me. We took off, downhill, which led to a very fast first km for the whole team. I find downhill starts challenging because it feels so good and easy, yet deceiving because when you hit the inevitable flat it feels hard. The flat didn’t last long though and we started climbing one of the many hills. This course had quite a few of them, which I didn’t know about, as I had no knowledge of the route before running it. It was definitely an awesome workout. 

8km is a fun distance, it is very short, and felt so especially because the last race I ran was the Marathon in October. The course was a 5km loop and then an out and back with an uphill finish. I had no idea how it would go, but I did want to beat my 36:12 and I did just that! I finished with 35:24 and still felt good after. I am happy with this result at the start of the season, but I think I have more to give. 

We stayed for the award ceremony which I never do, but most of us won age category awards. This race series is very generous and awards anywhere from the top 6-10 finishers in every category instead of the regular top 3. Here is what I won for women 25-29:

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