Goals and Races for 2017

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written anything other than a training recap and that is no bueno! So, 13 days into the New Year, I am here to tell you about my goals and racing plans for 2017. Last year involved a lot of racing, and this year will too. I like to race often to take the nerves away from important races. 

Goal # 1: PB in every distance I race. That will be 5km, 8km, 10km, half and full marathon. To give you an idea of the times to beat, my current PB’s are as follows:

5km: 22:21

8km: 35:24 (though this was achieved last weekend beating my previous 36:12 from 2016).

10km: 44:28 

Half-Marathon: 1:42:02 (this one really needs to be upgraded!) 

Marathon: 3:35:16

Goal #2: Boston Qualify at my next marathon, so for me, a time a couple minutes faster than 3:35. Looking at 5 minutes, maybe more!

Here are the races I am currently planning on doing this year:

1) Pioneer 8km (last weekend)

2) Cobble Hill 10km (Jan 22)

3) First Half (Feb 5)

4) Hatley Castle 8km (Feb 19)

5) Bazan Bay 5km (March 5)

6) Comox Valley Half (March 19)

7) Port Alberni 10km (April 2)

8) Eugene Marathon (May 7)

8) Seawheeze Half-Marathon (August 12)

Realistically I will probably add a few more, but that is what I am currently registered for!

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