Training Recap January 16-22

This week started out a bit differently than normal. Since I am typically running 6 days a week, Monday is my rest day. However, this Monday was not a rest day. We tried something different, 10 days in a row running and then a day off and a shakeout run leading up to Sunday’s race. By the time the Wednesday workout rolled around, I was feeling pretty tired and I was lagging behind a bit in the workout. It wasn’t too long or intense though which was good.

Monday: 40 minutes easy, run home from work. I also did an NTC core workout.

Tuesday: 70 minutes easy, I went out to Dallas Rd to check out the waves, (love stormy evenings) and then home. I got in a 25 minute strength training circuit as well after my run.

Wednesday: Group workout, after the warmup we did: 3 x 90 seconds at 10km pace, 4 x 30 second hill sprints and then another set of 3 x 90 seconds at 10km pace, followed by a cooldown. This was our pre-race workout, so nothing TOO crazy.

Thursday: 40 minutes easy, a run home from work and then I did an NTC core workout.

Friday: OFF, thank goodness for a rest day 🙂

Saturday: 30 minutes easy, a shake-out run. Took this super easy! And then did nothing for the rest of the day.

Sunday: Race day! We did a 20 minute warmup before the 10km and then 30 minutes after we finished. I will be posting a race recap mid week.

Total Weekly Mileage: 59.8 km

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