Training Recap January 23-29

This week was my final build before next weekends’ half-marathon. I have not raced any distance longer than a 10km since October. This weekend marked the start of marathon training. I can’t believe it’s that time already, but May is just around the corner and I have big goals for this race (BQ I’m coming for you). 

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 50 minutes easy, I ran home from work. 

Wednesday: Our group workout was promised to be “fun” which was a little scary, who knows what coach considers fun? What we were given was a fartlek workout marked my different coloured pylons indicating either go fast or moderate. It was 2 sets of 2km of this and we were paired up based on pace. I was with a kid 8 years my junior, but it was really fun!

Thursday: 75 minutes easy, another run home from work. I also did a strength training session.

Friday: 45 minutes easy, I switched it up and ran TO work (mind-blowing right?), it was dark and felt harder than usual. I rewarded myself with an americano so that was worth it, in addition to starting my weekend as soon as the workday ended. I also did an NTC core workout.

Saturday: The first day of marathon training! Our workout was 20 mins easy, and 2 x 15 minutes at marathon pace. We ended up going a bit faster than marathon pace, but that’s okay! I also did a NTC core workout, cause the weekend is the perfect time to fit those in.

Sunday: 70 minutes easy, the taper begins for next weekends’ half-marathon. I went out to the trails and followed a bunch of different ones not really knowing where I would end up. That ended up being at the edge of the park and since I didn’t feel like climbing anymore I took to the road for the way home. It was a good mix of terrain and the park was beautiful! I also did a strength training session and an NTC Core Workout. Then I ate all the pizza.

Total Weekly Mileage: 76 km

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