Training Recap Jan 30-Feb 5 and Thoughts on Cancelled Races

This week was mean to be a taper leading up to the First Half Marathon, first I’ll tell you what my training looked like and then I’ll talk about why I didn’t race!

Here is what I did last week…

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 45 minutes “easy”, a run home from work and beginning of the (unnecessary) taper.

Wednesday: Group workout, 20 minutes easy, and then hill sprints: 2 x 3 minutes, 2 x 90 seconds, and 3 x 1 minute, and 20 minutes easy. It was freaking cold, so knowing I had a group to do this with was about the only thing that got me out the door!

Thursday: 40 minutes “easy”, another run home from work.

Friday: OFF (I only get more than 1 day off if I’m tapering or recovering).

Saturday: Would have been 30 minutes easy, but due to the race cancellation I got to do a marathon training workout which was… 20 minutes easy, 4km @4:48 (slower than MP), 3km @ 4:41 (MP), 2km @ 4:34 (faster than MP), 1km @ 4:10 (10km pace), and 20 minutes easy. Those aren’t technically my marathon and 10km paces, BUT, you have to train hard to improve right?! I knew this workout was going to be hard work, but I didn’t anticipate how much my legs would “feel it”.

Sunday: Would have been “race day”, I was actually happy to have done Saturday’s group workout in lieu of the race, but I actually had a back-up race for today. Since I registered for the entire Vancouver Island Race Series, there was also the Sooke 10km scheduled for today. I wouldn’t have been able to do it very fast after the Saturday workout. As luck would have it, on Saturday afternoon, I got an email saying that race was also cancelled due to poor weather! So, I had 105 minutes “easy” instead.

I also did 3 NTC core workouts, no weight training this week due to the taper.

Total Weekly Mileage: 62.2 km

Why I (and the 2,00 other registrants) didn’t run First Half:

There was supposed to be a race recap included in today’s discussion of my training from last week. As I mentioned, I was tapering for a half-marathon which I was meant to run yesterday. The plan was to go to Vancouver on Saturday, spend the night in a hotel near the start line and enjoy the race and being back in my old home. The mid-week weather predicted it would be cold on Sunday, “no problem”, I thought, “I’ve run in at least -20”. By the end of the week, things were not looking good, the weather called for snow, and a lot of it. Again, I thought, “well I’ve had more snow before and still gone running, so what”.

By Friday night, I had no idea what was happening or if we were even going to go. We decided to stick with the plan and head over the next day. Shortly after, we saw from the race website that the event would either be re-routed and 2 miles short, so, an 18km race instead of a half-marathon OR it would cancelled altogether. The final decision was to be made at 3pm on Saturday. At that point we decided we weren’t going. Instead I did a marathon training workout with the other ladies in our group. It was a good choice because at 8am the next day it was announced that the race was cancelled for the first time in 28 years since it began.

I can only imagine the frustration and disappointment of those who trained specifically for this race. Obviously the weather cannot be controlled and even if the race had gone on, the reality is, the conditions would not have been ideal. But still, they would have gotten their race. I know the training is supposed to be just as important as the actual goal race, but it’s got to be mentally tough to work hard for something that doesn’t happen. This was not intended as a key race for me, this race has begun allowing bib transfers (which I think all races should offer) and I accepted a bib from another runner who had conflicting plans. 

Have you ever trained for a race that was cancelled?

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