Training Recap Feb 6-12

The weather presented further challenges this week, we got a big snowfall on Wednesday that caused havoc on the roads and resulted in our group workout being cancelled. On Saturday morning when I headed out to meet the group, I was surprised by how icy it was everywhere. I almost slid down my street and once I got to the trail, it was even worse. We were concerned about the conditions of the roads for our speed workout, but used the warm-up to scout out a location that was ice free.  The following day was so sunny and beautiful it was hard to believe there was ever snow, my fingers are crossed for more spring weather!

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 40 minutes easy, I ran to work in the snow. It was pretty fun!

Wednesday: The snowstorm: we did 115′ minutes easy due to our workout being cancelled.

Thursday: 45 minutes easy, slush city, but it cleared up by the time I went running and the sun came out too.

Friday: 30 minutes easy and 5 x 10” hill sprints, I ran home from work and since I live at the top of a hill either way, I used that for my hill sprints. 

Saturday: Group workout, 20 minutes easy, 10 minutes at marathon pace, 6-5-4-3-2-1 starting at half marathon pace and increasing speed, 6 minutes at marathon pace and then 20 minutes easy. This was good work and my legs felt it too.

Sunday: You know those days where you start your run and are surprised by how fresh your legs feel? That was how this run felt, I was naturally going a bit faster than I would for a Sunday run, the sun was shinning and it was all just great. If every long run can be like this, the training cycle will be AMAZING! 

Total Weekly Mileage: 71.3km

I also did 2 NTC workouts and a 1 strength training session, still working on doing 2 of those per week!

2 thoughts on “Training Recap Feb 6-12

  1. How do you feel about running to work? I don’t do it, (the distance from my house to work is a little over the length of a marathon), but I know some people who do since they live a little closer. Without access to a shower, I’d be a hot mess!


    • Yeah it’s tricky definitely tricky when there’s no shower, and that has prevented me from doing it in the past. Since I currently work in a commercial cold-pressed juice kitchen, I end up getting sweaty at work anyway, so it’s not such a big deal. I think I still prefer to run home though, it’s totally an effective way of commuting especially if you live closer, 42km would be limiting for me too 😜

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