Training Recap Feb 13-19

This week was great! There were ZERO weather issues. I nailed my target mileage, and cross training exercises. Plus, 3/6 runs were done with the group instead of the regular 2. So here’s what I did:

Monday: OFF. I did strength training and an NTC core workout.

Tuesday: 60 minutes easy, run home from work and a bit extra. I did an NTC workout too.

Wednesday: Group workout, we did 20 mins warm-up, 15 mins @marathon pace, 5 mins @ 5 seconds slower than MP, 5 mins @ MP, 5 mins @ 5 seconds faster than MP, 10 minutes @ MP, 15 min cool-down. This was good and hard and it was quite dark, so at one point there were deer crossing in from of us which was a bit frightening in the dark. I did an NTC core workout also.

Thursday: 75 minutes easy, this run was tough, but it taught me a very good lesson. I like to think I am pretty conscious of what I eat before running. However, I made the mistake of thinking a good sized bowl vegan tomato soup and with focaccia was an appropriate lunch to eat only 2 hours before my run. It was definitely delicious and I do love soup in the winter, but let me tell you, DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE. Save the soup until after the run, otherwise you will basically experience the soup again on your run. Lesson learned. I did my second strength training session of the week too!

Friday: 40 minutes easy, just a commute run home from work. 

Saturday: Group workout, 20 minutes easy, 3 x 1 min @ tempo, and then: 

At 3-5km pace..

1 min-30 sec off-4 min

5 min set break

2 min-30 sec off-3 min

5 min set break

3 min-30 sec off-2 min

5 min set break

4 min-30 sec off-1 min

20 mins easy

This was quite challenging! There was a larger group which split into 2 based on speed: the elites (varsity athletes at UVIC, Olympian and top masters) and then us (above average but not elite). To make it more fun we started guessing how long it would take the “elite” group to catch us, they actually never did, but we suspected they were walking back out on their breaks to be nice. 

Sunday: Long run, headed out nice and early to meet 3 other girls from the group. We ran along Dallas Rd and it was excellent. 

Total Weekly Mileage: 76 km

This week I’m going up to 95km, bring it on!

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