Training Recap Feb 27-March 5

This week felt insanely long! I worked a lot of long hours. I think my body was still tired from my higher mileage week last week. I was not feeling too great about my running especially because I knew I had a race coming up on the weekend (more on that later). 

Monday: 60 easy, I ran out to the ocean and then home. 

Tuesday: 45 easy, just a simple run home from work followed by an NTC core workout.

Wednesday: Group workout, we did a lighter one due to the weekend race. 20 mins easy, 3 x 1 minute @tempo, 6 x 90 seconds @5km effort, 20 mins easy. I felt so tired during this workout I couldn’t even enjoy the gift of an easier workout. It was a bit discouraging and even though most of my workouts are awesome.

Thursday: OFF, after over 2 weeks of running with no breaks 🙏. I did do an NTC core workout.

Friday: 50 minutes easy, I ran home from work, never more ready to start the weekend! I also did an NTC core workout.

Saturday: 30 minutes easy, shake-out run before race day.

Sunday: Race day, I will be posting a recap later this week, but this is what I did…20 mins easy, Bazan Bay 5km, 5 mins easy, 15 mins @marathon pace, 5 mins @half marathon pace, 20 mins easy.

Total Weekly Mileage: 59.1 km

I did not do any strength training this week, partially becaus I did a lot of lifting at work and I also reduce it before a race. I will be back at it this we though!

I will be posting a race recap of the Bazan Bay 5km later this week, so stay tuned for that. 

Only 9 weeks until the Eugen marathon!

Have a great week!

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