Training Recap March 6-12

I was pretty wiped out after last weekends race, but made sure to rest and eat well. By midweek, I was ready to go again and some really solid training days. I also made sure to fit in my 4 core workouts and 2 strength training sessions this week, and I’m happy I did!

Here’s how the week went down:

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 60′ easy, slow jaunt around the downtown area and commute home.

Wednesday: we had the choice of doing a “small” workout or a group run 75′ easy, we chose the latter.

Thursday: 75′ easy (round 2) I went out with one of the ladies in our running group and we got absolutely soaked in 5 minutes of starting. It was an awesome run though and the pace was faster than normal whiland still feeling easy.

Friday: 60′ easy, another cruise around today and then commute home run. I tend to go on auto-pilot for these kind of runs and just let my mind wander, fortunately I always end up at home. 

Saturday: Group workout, 20′ easy, 20’@slower than MP, 15’@MP, 10’@faster than MP, 20′ easy. In reality, we ran all of these intervals faster than MP, we all worked hard. 

Sunday: Long run day, the run was indeed long this time, 2.5 hrs worth and that ended up being 28km! We felt really, really good. After the Saturday workout, I pretty much just ate breakfast and relaxed all day (which is a normal Saturday for me), and I guess that’s what I needed! We are also practicing taking gels right now, I took 5 over this 28km run and that definitely helped too. 

Total Weekly Mileage: 92.3

Next weekend, there is a MASSIVE workout planned, it is considered a key marathon training workout. I will be mentally preparing myself for that all week! 

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