Training Recap March 13-19

What a week! My legs are aching just thinking about it, and in a way they haven’t for months. The focus of the week was a key workout that is infamous in our running group. It is notoriously difficult, but a necessary marathon training workout. It is called the 40-40-40-40. Those 40’s each represent a 40 minute interval, the first one is an easy-ish pace, the second is 5-10 seconds slower than marathon pace, the third is marathon pace and the final one is 5 seconds faster than marathon pace. If you’re thinking “wow, that’s a long workout”, you are absolutely correct, it was a 32km workout and it kicked my butt. 

Here is how the week went:

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 45 mins easy, plain old run home from work with a short out and back in the downtown to make the timing work.

Wednesday: Group workout, 30 mins easy, 5 sets of 3 mins @4:40, 1 min float, 2 mins @4:30, 1 min float, 20 mins easy. We all enjoyed this workout a lot because it felt broken up by the floats and went by fast. Hitting that lap button every few minutes gives you a slight distraction ya know? Plus it was a smaller workout than usual in prep for the massive Saturday workout.

Thursday: 50 mins easy, ran to the ocean and then home, my regular route. 

Friday: 30 mins easy, stopped in at MEC to stock up on gels for Saturday 3/4 of which were consumed that day (8 gels). Then ran home with them in a little backpack.

Saturday: Marathon workout, the 40-40-40-40! I went into this workout a little bit nervous. The first 2 intervals were great and I was running with a buddy. I was taking gels every 20 minutes and that was fine too. When we turned around and it was time to pick up the pace I felt good, but then I just couldn’t increase my speed enough. I felt like I was on an incline and couldn’t quite keep the pace. I was okay for 2km but then I couldn’t pick it up to where I needed to be. My buddy quickly grew farther and farther away from me down the road. I was off by 5-10 seconds depending on the km. To make things even more fun, my stomach began to get upset midway through this interval and with 5 minutes left I had to stop and use the washroom at Mcdonalds. When I came out, after a long time in line, I could no longer see anyone. I decided to just to the best I could and try to catch one of the girls before the final interval was over. I was unable to get my speed up to the 4:35/km that was planned, but I did catch my teammate with 7 minutes to go, and that was good enough for me. 

Sunday: 70 minutes easy, recovery run. I thought this would be painful and very slow, the 6:00/km variety, but it actually felt really good and my average pace was 5:39/km. 

Total Weekly Mileage: 83.3km (kinda crazy that 40% of this was in 1 day, yup I love numbers). 

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