Training Recap March 20-26

It is 6 weeks until the Eugene Marathon, this training cycle has blown by! There is only a month left of hard work and then the taper begins. This week I was away for a few days on business in Calgary. I did of course run while I was there! Unfortunately I also got sick while I was there, first time this winter! Because of that I was recommended not to do the Saturday group workout nor Sunday long-run. Not running really does suck, but running and prolonging this stupid cold would be worse! It’s pretty hard not to be running when you know your training crew is out and you literally have nothing else to do. My weekends are reserved for running and then resting right now, so this weekend was a whole lot of testing! Especially since I had Friday off work too, a lot of time to fill! I watched an insane amount of Netflix, drank all the water and all the tea, tested out some Pinterest worthy braids, and went shopping and got my nails done. Maybe that sounds like a pretty okay weekend, but seriously not running is a mental struggle for me. 

Anyway, this is the training I did last week:

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 45 mins easy 

Wednesday: 75 mins easy, I got to try a new route in Calgary along the bow river trail. It was sunny and 13 degrees,  beautiful evening run.

Thursday: I did the group workout I missed , 20 mins easy, 2 sets of 19 mins each of tempo work ranging from slower than marathon pace to faster than marathon pace, 10 mins easy. I actually did this on a treadmill, and have not run on a treadmill in probably 2 years or more. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, aside from staring at the time. Running outside is a million times better though.

Friday: OFF, and I was sick so that worked out I guess. 

Saturday: A fairly large marathon workout was planned, but since I was sick coach had me run 50 mins easy instead. 

Sunday: OFF, Supposed to be a long run 2:45, but I was advised to rest instead and get over this cold 100%. I’ll be back next week with a fire in my legs!

Total Weekly Mileage: 42km

One thought on “Training Recap March 20-26

  1. Yes, it sucks catching a cold in the middle of training and mostly because of how it can mess up your motivation with thoughts of how much training you’re missing. But it’s only a minor setback — if one at all — so no need to overcompensate when you’re back on the roads and overdo it; that’ll just deliver a real set back in the form of getting sicker, again. You got this!


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