Training Recap April 10-16

This weekend marked the end of the hard work until race day. We are still 3 weeks away from The Eugene Marathon and there is still running to be done, but the workouts will be shorter and less intense and the “long runs” won’t be so long. The mileage will be coming down so our bodies can rest before the race. It will definitely result in having more free time and I will be using it to plan out our road trip to Eugene. Specifically, where to eat, get the best coffee, have a celebratory post race dinner (and finally a beer) and all those little details to make the trip amazing. 

Here is how the week looked:

Monday: OFF.

Tuesday: 45′ easy, ran home from work and then did an NTC abs and arms workout.

Wednesday: Group workout: 20′ easy, 2×16 mins as 3’@HMP, 1′ float, 5’@MP, 1′ float, 1’@10km, 5’@MP, 15′ easy. This workout was fun and felt short and sweet for a total of 15km. 

Thursday: OFF.

Friday: 70′ easy, since it was Good Friday and we had no work, I went out for an easy run to the big with 2 teammates.’

Saturday: Group workout, 20′ easy, 2 x 5km @mp, 3x3km @5” faster thank mp, 15′ easy. This was 25.5km and the last long workout of this training cycle! I also did an NTC core workout.

Sunday: 3 hrs easy, this was 32 km through the galloping goose starting in Langford and going toward Metchosin, what a beautiful area! We ended up turning down a side street because we saw the ocean and once we got there we had the most spectacular mountain view. Unfortunately, we were running phoneless today and missed out on a couple amazing photo-ops, we were focused on finishing our last long run of the training cycle.

Total Weekly Mileage: 91km 

It’s taper time!

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