Training Recap April 24-30

Well, well, well…in a week I will be a 2 time marathon runner. Crazy. I don’t think I have fully realized what I have signed up to do next weekend. What I have realized is, how much free time I have on my hands and the excess of energy. I know the excess energy will likely increase as the week goes on and my mileage dwindles, but that’s taper life. I’ll be cutting back on caffeine to balance out the feeling of extra energy. Other than that, I plan to relax as much as possible after work and continue to eat well in preparation for next Sunday.

This week I didn’t do any NTC workouts and I won’t be doing any next week either. Tapering mileage also means tapering other physical activity. Here’s what I did this week:

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 45′ easy, just a plain run home.

Wednesday: Group workout, we did 10′ easy, followed by 2 sets of: 3km@MP, 2km@HMP, 1km@10km, 10′ easy, this was about 16km and the final run/workout of this length.

Thursday: 40′ easy, another plain run home. 

Friday: 30′ easy, I decided to run to work and get it over with. This was so I could go shopping after work and purchase a new GPS watch that actually tracks distance/pace accurately. I was too fed up with my old one after the realization that it does not work properly and was not willing to run a marathon relying on it.

Saturday: Group workout, this was as short and sweet as they come. 10′ easy, 3km@MP, 3×90”@10km, 10′ easy. 

Sunday: 70′ easy, the rest of the runs will be super short from here on out! 

Total Weekly Mileage: 58.1km

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