Training Recap May 22-28

I cannot believe May is about to be over. This month went by insanely fast. I also cannot believe it has been 3 weeks since the marathon! It is finally warm here on the West Coast and we have had almost 2 weeks of warmer weather. I have a feeling the summer is going to be HOT and that means early, early morning runs! That’s okay with me since I wake up at 5am anyways. 

If I were to describe my post-marathon running in 1 word it would be: underwhelming. I feel like a big ole slug. Easy runs are easy runs, but I have done a few workouts and so far it’s just lap after lap of riding the struggle bus. I’m feeling like I’m brand new to running and working so hard. When I review the splits later they aren’t nearly as horrible as they feel, but they aren’t great. I definitely don’t have the mental desire to be at the very front of the pack either (I have this desire 99.9% of the time except for now). I don’t think this is a huge problem right now, it’s just very different for me and definitely a mental struggle. Right now, it’s still about recovery and building mileage back. I am not officially in training mode for any specific events. That being said, I am registered for a few events including:

The Seawheeze Half-Marathon on August 12, 2017.

The Eastside 10km on September 16, 2017.

The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 22, 2017.

I have about 6 weeks until training starts and I know I should be back to my regular competetive self by then! Until that happens, I’ll continue taking it day by day and enjoying the sunshine and return of my annual Garmin tan.

Anyway…here is what my training involved this week:

Monday: OFF. I did do 2 NTC workouts: Abs and Arms and Core Crunch 2.0.

Tuesday: 45′ easy, I started out running towards the water, but then the bridge was up and no way was I going to stand there waiting for it, so I took a city route home. I am surprised the bridge has never interfered with my route before 🤔. I also did the NTC core strength workout.

Wednesday: Group workout, we did our customary 20 mins easy and then 2 sets of: 3 hill repeats and then a tempo to this wooden bridge and back maybe 5 mins long, and then 20 mins easy cool-down.

Thursday: OFF. I did the NTC ab burner 2.0 workout. 

Friday: 30′ easy, ran my regular route without bridge interference. 

Saturday: Group workout, we went to Cedar Hill (hell), it is a hilly trail route surrounding a golf course. The workout was: 20 mins easy and then 3 x 1 mile, 20 mins easy. It was hard and hot! I also did 2 NTC workouts: core strength + abs and arms.

Sunday: 60′ easy, headed out to the trails at Thetis Lake with Jo (mountain goat). It was also friggin hard. That being said, I had already biked about 20km and race marshalled a half-marathon (also very fun, I plan to do it again soon).

Total Weekly Mileage: 41.6km

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