Training Recap May 29-June 4

This week I started to feel like I was getting my groove back. The 2 workouts I had didn’t feel horrible, they actually felt quite good! Quite the contrast to last week when I felt like I was on my deathbed the whole time. I will continue to enjoy this period of lower mileage and only 5 days a week of running because pretty soon, it’ll be back to the strict schedule of marathon training. I think I have another month before training technically starts, but I am also training for a half in August so that will be coming up quick.

Here’s how my week went:

Monday: OFF. I did the NTC basic burner workout.

Tuesday: 45′ minutes easy, I ran home from work and I also did the NTC core strength workout.

Wednesday: Group workout, we switched up the scenery and went to Elk/Beaver lake. The workout was 20′ easy, 5-4-3-2-1, 20′ easy. It felt good to get a bit of speed back into my legs, though I was a teenie bit sore the following day.

Thursday: 50′ easy, this was a commute run, I also did the NTC ab burner 2.0 workout. 

Friday: OFF. 

Saturday: Group workout, we did 20′ easy and then 3 x 1 mile repeats (7:30, 8:00, 7:20), 20′ easy. I was very happy with how this workout went compared to the previous week, where we had breaks part of the way through some of the repeats and still felt horrible. Progress! I also did 2 NTC workouts: abs and arms + core crunch 2.0

Sunday: 80′ easy, I biked over to a friends house and we went out on a trail tour, it was awesome and beautiful. I also did the NTC ab burner 2.0 workout.

Total Weekly Mileage: 51.5km 

I am going to Vancouver for the week on business and excited to be running my old routes! Seawall, here I come!

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