Training Recap Aug 14-20, 2017

The week following The Seawheeze was a lot of fun, I stayed in Vancouver until Thursday afternoon. That meant catching up with friends and participating and runs/events I wouldn’t normally get to be a part of.

Monday: EVRC this run promises surprises and if you know EVRC, you know surprises are often of the liquid variety. We ran down a back-alley (typical) and then into someone’s backyard (not typical), it was actually another group-members yard, and she had generously gotten beer and poured mini red cups for everyone. Following that, we continued the run and after the big Kitchener bill, when we reached Commercial, there was another surprise. There was a table with even bigger pours of beer set up outside Famoso Pizza! The run continues back to P49 for pints.

Tuesday: 50′ easy, I ran around the neighbourhood I have been staying in when working in Vancouver – The Drive. I also did the NTC Core strength workout.

Wednesday: Another fun one! I ran to Forerunners on Main st (5km) for the Saucony Run Your World Event. In teams of 3, we had to run to 3 specific landmarks , snap a selfie and run back to the shop as fast as possible. There was a lot of hill running involved which was great because on Wednesday’s I typically do a workout. We did not win, but we had a great time.

Thursday: Sunrise run, 45′ easy, I did an out-and-back to False Creek. I also did the NTC Core strength workout.

Friday: 30′ (super) easy, back in Victoria, on the Goose.

Saturday: 20′ easy, 10km time trial (super hilly route), 45′ easy, this was very hard, the TT started out okay but very soon on my legs felt insanely heavy and depleted of energy. I did not do as well as I normally would have. I spent the rest of the day resting and relaxing to prepare for the following days’ run. Later that afternoon I did an upper body works for runners and the NTC core strength workout.

Sunday: 120′ easy, ran to my running buddy’s place and she took us on a nice scenic route with a mix of trails and roads. My legs felt really good at the beginning of the run, but by the end they were heavy and slow again. I also did the NTC Ab Burner 2.0 workout.

Total Weekly Mileage: 86.8km

This week I am back in Vancouver and really hoping this heavy feeling in my legs goes away and my energy level increases, because it’s time to get serious for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon!

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