Training Recap August 21-27

Another week of running in Vancouver! I realized I have spent half the summer away, a long weekend in Eugene, a long weekend on Hornby Island, 10 days in Ontario, and 6 weeks in Vancouver. It has definitely been a busy, but fun summer, I would still like to fit in a few more small weekend trips before the nice weather goes away, but we’ll see.

After 2 “bad” workouts in previous weeks and generally feeling tired and slow during my runs, I decided to visit a walk-in clinic to obtain a requisition for a blood-test. The test results showed low ferritin (iron) and B12, no surprise why my runs were sucking. Now I am taking supplements because I need these readings to go up ASAP. I’m 7 weeks out from Toronto Waterfront Marathon. 7 weeks is not long, kinda/maybe starting to freak out a bit about this. That being said, this week was pretty good, I had 2 sizeable workouts and was happy with how they went.

Monday: 40′ easy, this run began much later than I typically would head out, but it was HOT. Running at sunset was a nice change for sure.

Tuesday: 50′ easy, I ran around East Van towards New Brighton Park. I also did the NTC core strength workout.

Wednesday: WO Wednesday, 30′ easy, 3 sets of 13 min as 5’@MP, 1’@10k, 1′ easy, 5’@MP, 1’@10k, 20′ easy. I enjoyed this work-out and was happy to hit my paces and feel good.

Thursday: OFF. I did the NTC Ab burner 2.0 workout.

Friday: 60′ easy, I ran down to False Creek, I like using the Adanac bikeway from East Van to get down to the water quickly and avoid excessive stopping at lights. I also did the an NTC core workout directed by soccer phenomenon Rinaldo.

Saturday: Got up at 5am to get this work-out in a make it to yoga at English Bay park.  The WO was: 20′ easy, 6km @4:50, 4km@4:45, 3km@4:40, 2km @fast as able, 20′ easy. I do enjoy having an empty Seawall, getting my WO done early and the cool temperatures that come with starting your run at 6am.

Sunday: 135′ easy, this one hurt a little, my legs were definitely tired from Saturday’s workout, especially my calves. My calves have been insanely tight for the last few weeks, not too sure why, but I am not a fan. I also did the NTC core strength workout.

Total Weekly Mileage: 89km

I am going into my final build, and then I get a bit of a taper leading up to the Eastside 10km in Vancouver. I love this race and have done it for the past 2 years, the course is different this year, and I am not totally sure what that will mean. Previously there were a couple of hills, and I still found it to be a fast course, but I think those might be gone with the updated route, so it might be a fast and flat one.

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