Training Recap August 28-Sept 3

This week went well, I am happy with how my runs went, especially given it was a higher mileage week. My week started in Vancouver and then I was in Victoria for 1 night and 1 run before heading up to Campbell River for the long-weekend. It’s been super hot this weekend making it even harder to believe that it’s September.

Monday: OFF. No strength training, no core. Those were the instructions so I followed them.

Tuesday: 80′ easy, now this was an interesting run. About 15-20′ in my watch buzzed with a text from a coworker asking if I was awake, I pulled over to figure out what was going on. Turned out the alarm company had called her at 2am saying there was a break-in at our production facility. We weren’t sure what had happened so I ended up turning around and running over to the production site to check it out. Luckily, all was fine! I also did the NTC Ab Burner 2.0 workout.

Wednesday: WO Wednesday, instead of doing this one alone, I recruited my running buddy, Taylor to join me. The WO was 20′ easy, 3 sets of: 3-2-1, 30′ easy. We went out on the Seawall and crushed it.

Thursday: 50′ easy AM, 30′ easy PM, the AM run was done in Vancouver and the PM run was done in Victoria. I also did the NTC Ab Burner 2.0 workout.

Friday: 70′ easy, this was done in the afternoon once I arrived in Campbell River. I had tried to research running routes, but didn’t turn up much. It was a bit of an adventure and dead end street tour, but I got to learn the area a bit. I also did the NTC core strength workout.

Saturday: Solo WO, 20′ easy, 2 sets of 10 x 3′ at 4:40-4:50, 20′ easy, this was hot, hot, hot. I also did the NTC Ab Burner 2.0 workout.

Sunday: 150′ (2.5 hrs) easy, after unsuccessfully trying to scope out alternative routes, I decide to just go for it and start my run down Island Highway. Initially I was hesitant as it is a “highway”, but the shoulder is wide and it’s not a super busy highway. The run was great, once I got closer to the “downtown” there was a waterfront path and sidewalk to run on. The waterfront is beautiful in Campbell River boasting clear mountain views and also Quadra Island.

Total Weekly Mileage: 101. 5

This week will be a bit lighter as I prepare for the Eastside 10km in just under 2 weeks. This is one of my favourite races and I am excited to try out the new course.

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