Training Recap September 4-10

This week I was in Victoria, after 3 or so weeks of being away. I must say, it’s a bit strange to be back. The week was relatively good, with a minor setback on Wednesday. That aside, the week was solid and my massive Saturday workout went well, hoping they continue to go well!

Monday: OFF.

Tuesday: 50′ easy, headed out after work with an island running buddy. I also did the NTC Core Strength workout.

Wednesday: Group WO, I went into this expecting great things, but as soon as the actual workout portion started, I found it hard (or impossible) to pick up the pace to where I needed to. Coach said no worry, probably just the iron. Some days it works out, some days it doesn’t. At least it wasn’t a key workout! I did the NTC Abs and Arms workout.

Thursday: OFF. I did the NTC Ab burner 2.0 workout.

Friday: 30′ easy, headed out after work for a super easy little run to shake the legs out before the big Saturday WO.

Saturday: 20′ easy, 2 x 15′ @4:45-50, 3 x 10′ @4:40-45, 3 x 5′ @ 4:35 or faster, 20′ easy. I was nervous about this because of what happened on Wednesday, but I did it and that was great.

Sunday: 90′ easy, what a short long run! It was a beautiful sunny day and I ran out to fisherman’s wharf and back. I also did the NTC Abs and Arms workout.

Total Weekly Mileage: 50.1km

I will be having a bit of an easier week in preparation for the Eastside 10km next weekend in Vancouver!

Also, it’s only 6 weeks until Toronto Waterfront Marathon!

And! Happy Boston registration week!

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