Training Recap April 30-May 6, 2018

This was my last week in BC. I made sure to run in all my favourite places sinceI won’t be back for a while. It was definitely bittersweet. I ended my week with a race in my favourite city, Vancouver. I signed up pretty last minute, but it was an excellent decision. It was a beautiful day for a half-marathon and a perfect see ya later to the west coast. It’s funny how a half can feel SO short when you have been marathon training for essentially a year and a half. That said, it may not have felt so short if I was racing it instead of pacing a running buddy!

Here’s what I did this week..

Monday: 30′ easy, I ran an out-and-back from work to the ocean in Vic West.

Tuesday: OFF.

Wednesday: Group WO, 20′ easy, 3×5′ (the pace was supposed to be super chill 5:10, but it ended up being between 4:38-4:45) 25′ easy. I thought I was going to be in trouble because of the pace, but it means I’m feeling GOOD so all good. I was also talking the whole time and it felt very comfortable. I also did core.

Thursday: 40′ easy, Jo and I went for a midday run on Dallas rd, definitely my favourite run view in Victoria.

Friday: OFF. I did core.

Saturday: 30′ easy, I tested out my warm-up to the start. I finished it at Bows and Arrows for an americano. I also did core.

Sunday: 10′ easy, BMO half-marathon. I ran my warm-up to the start and then ran with my friend Tay who PB’d!

Total Weekly Mileage: 53.5 km

My next run will be in Toronto!

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