Taper Recap Oct 16-22

This taper was more relaxed than I remember other ones being. I didn’t feel like I was over-caffeinated and buzzing the entire time in spite of not having extra coffee (this has been the case in the past). I didn’t feel like I was going crazy from the mileage decrease, in fact, I didn’t even register I was running a marathon until really the morning of.

Here is what my week consisted of leading up to race day:

Monday: OFF. I did the NTC core strength workout, but that was it for the week. When the mileage comes down, so does the cross training.

Tuesday: 50′ easy in Raincouver, did my second Ghost Race in a monsoon, but I love running the Seawall regardless of the weather.

Wednesday: Solo WO, 10′ easy, 3km@MP, 1km@10km, 20′ easy.

Thursday: 30′ easy, little jaunt around the neighbourhood before work, so dark in the morning now, I wore a headlamp!

Friday: OFF, travel day.

Saturday: 20′ easy, went to the beach for my shake-out run.

Sunday: 5′ easy, Toronto Waterfront Marathon, recap coming later this week.

Total Weekly Mileage: 69.9km

Training Recap Oct 9-15

This week consisted of 6 runs in beautiful Vancouver. My mileage dropped even further, and I have started waking up and going to bed early to prepare for the 3-hour time change in Toronto next weekend. I wake up between 4 and 5am, unfortunately this is too early for places that offer GOOD coffee to be open and I have had to drink Starbucks, which I only do out of desperation. We are spoiled in Vancouver and Victoria with so many options to get coffee with locally roasted beans. Anyway, this is how the week went:

Monday: OFF. I did the NTC Abs and Arms workout.

Tuesday: 45′ easy, I ran around East Van and the sun was out, a great fall day.

Wednesday: Solo WO: 20′ easy, 10’@MP, 4 x 4’@10km pace, 20′ easy, ran to New Brighton Park and used the gravel loop for my intervals. I even missed the rain. I did the NTC Core Strength WO afterwards.

Thursday: 50′ easy, back to New Brighton Park for a relaxed run.

Friday: 40′ easy, did a little neighbourhood loop down Powell St to downtown and then back along Hastings. I also did the NTC Core Strength WO.

Saturday: WO with Tay, 10′ easy, 30’@MP, 20′ easy, it was brisk on the Seawall, but lovely to do a WO with Tay who crushed it as usual. I also did the NTC Ab Burner 2.0 workout.

Sunday: 60′ easy, and I did the Ghost Race as well as some extra km. There were many more people out on the Seawall than usual, and I have a feeling many of them were fellow Ghost Racers. Leave it to Lululemon to encourage more people to get out and run on a Sunday, always impressive!

Total Weekly Mileage: 58.6km

The taper begins, fingers crossed the crazy stays at bay.

Training a Recap October 2-8

Happy 4 day week! Any week when Monday is an extension of the weekend has to be a good week.

Last week my volume took a dip, this week will bring an even bigger dip because it’s under 2 weeks until race day at Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

This is how my week went:

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 40′ easy, ran with a running buddy and chatted the whole way. I did the NTC Ab burner 2.0 workout.

Wednesday: Group WO: 20′ easy, 30′ continuous as 2’@MP, 1′ jog, 20′ easy. This was tougher than it sounds, though it was mostly on trail/hilly/uneven ground. I did the NTC core strength workout.

Thursday: OFF (2 days off in a week, what!?). I did the NTC Abs and Arms workout.

Friday: 45′ easy, hopped on the Galloping Goose to the West Side before work. Morning run views are the best.

Saturday: Group WO for 2: 30′ easy, 3 sets of: 1 mile @MP, 1 mile “fast” broken up as 600/450/550m, 20′ easy. We were feeling fast and the workout was awesome!

Sunday: I lucked into an extra bib for the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Half so I used it as my “easy” run. I spent the first 7km pacing a running buddy, then bailed out and slowed it down a little since it was intended to be an “easy” run. I enjoy the race atmosphere so much, especially when there are so many friends competing. My average pace was 4:58 which is closer to MP than easy, but I felt so good and during my 500m sprint to the finish (can’t not sprint to the finish it’s against my constitution) even pulled out a 3:30/km pace.

Total Weekly Mileage: 67.3

I am off to Vancouver this week and hope to participate in some fun events including The Ghost Run.

Training Recap Sept 25-Oct 1

This was my big week, peak mileage week! I am happy to say it went very well! In spite of this post being 2 days late ☺️. I am feeling good and the training load was perfect, so all is well. Also, I got my

Boston Marathon confirmation email, so that was great news! Here is what I did last week:

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: Double run day, 30′ easy in the morning and 70′ easy after work. I hadn’t done one of these in a while, but it was alright!

Wednesday: Group WO, 15′ easy, 15′ @MP, 10 x 30” hill sprints, 45′ easy. Aside from the hill sprints which were freaking hard, I enjoyed this workout.

Thursday: 80′ easy, headed out with a friend for a loop in the trails and then finished with a sandwich, which we were looking forward to the whole time.

Friday: 45′ easy, snuck this in before work so I could attend a going away party. It was rainy but still a good morning run.

Saturday: Giant WO: 40′ easy, 7km @5:08, 7km @4:58, 3km @4:51, 3km @4:43. I wasn’t sure how this would go, but surprised myself and was excited when I exceeded the target paces for a total of 28km.

Sunday: 135′ easy, headed out on a slightly modified big loop to the ocean I did last Sunday. It went well.

Total Weekly Mileage: 108km

Now that race day is in 2.5 weeks, the training volume is on the lower end of things as I prepare for the taper!

Training Recap September 18-24

This week was one of the final major training weeks leading up to the marathon. There is one big week left and then thing go down a notch into taper mode. Going into this week, I was mentally preparing for a key workout, a progression run, which I was nervous about. Here is how the week went:

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 45′ easy, I also did the NTC core strength workout.

Wednesday: Group workout, 20′ easy, 3 sets of an 1800m loop marked with different coloured pylons indicating a change in pace from tempo to 5km race pace, 10′ easy. This was a super fun workout and I loved it!

Thursday: 60′ easy, change of scenery, route, everything. This was a nice run on Dallas rd, a beautiful day and great company! I also did the NTC abs and arms workout.

Friday: 30′ easy, used this to run to work.

Had to get it done early due to the key workout the following day.

Saturday: Partial group workout, 30′ easy, 45’@5:13, 15’@5:09, 20’4:58, for a total of 21km. This was down at Dallas Rd again because many of my team-members are participating in Victoria Marathon events and this allowed them to train on the course. I also did the NTC ab Burner 2.0 workout.

Sunday: 135′ easy, did a big loop including Dallas Rd. 3 times in one week! Such a beautiful place to run and lovely fall day. I also did the NTC core strength workout.

Total Weekly Mileage: 82.5km

I am excited for my peak mileage week, but I also cannot believe how fast this training cycle went by!

Training Recap Sept 11-17

This week I prepared for my final race before the marathon, and did one of the longest runs of this training cycle. Here are the specifics:

Monday: OFF. I did the NTC Ab Burner 2.0 workout.

Tuesday: 50′ easy, left my stuff and work and took advantage of being a perfect distance from home. I also did the NTC Core Strength Workout.

Wednesday: Group workout, we met downtown for a change and since I was racing my workout was different than everyone else but we still used the same loop for the WO. 20′ easy, 2 sets of 5 x 2′ @10km, 20′ easy. For the second set of our respective workouts we were supposed to cover the pace screen on the watch and run by feel. I actually practice this myself sometimes, but it was funny timing since during my race on Saturday I had no GPS for the entire thing and was forced into running by feel, very irritating in a race situation though!

Thursday: 60′ easy, headed out after work on a regular route. I also did the NTC Abs and Arms workout.

Friday: 20′ easy, 5 x 10” strides, took this super easy around east van.

Saturday: 20′ easy, Eastside 10km, 60′ easy, typically I enjoy this race a lot, but after 5km this year I did not. The change in course and more hills was unexpected (to be fair I didn’t study the map), as soon as I hit the 1200m of hills my energy disappeared. So not the time I would normally look to do at a 10km, which was initially difficult to wrap my head around. It’s okay though, still a good workout during my marathon training cycle, and I have to remember it was not my goal race. I also did the NTC core strength workout.

Sunday: Long run day, 3hrs/31.6km there aren’t many of these in my training cycle and I am happy to say this one went super well. I had energy, I took all my fuel, never felt sick at all and my pace was consistent, now that is a WIN.

Total Weekly Mileage: 87.9

Tomorrow is my turn to register for the 2018 Boston Marathon (AHHHHH!)!

Training Recap September 4-10

This week I was in Victoria, after 3 or so weeks of being away. I must say, it’s a bit strange to be back. The week was relatively good, with a minor setback on Wednesday. That aside, the week was solid and my massive Saturday workout went well, hoping they continue to go well!

Monday: OFF.

Tuesday: 50′ easy, headed out after work with an island running buddy. I also did the NTC Core Strength workout.

Wednesday: Group WO, I went into this expecting great things, but as soon as the actual workout portion started, I found it hard (or impossible) to pick up the pace to where I needed to. Coach said no worry, probably just the iron. Some days it works out, some days it doesn’t. At least it wasn’t a key workout! I did the NTC Abs and Arms workout.

Thursday: OFF. I did the NTC Ab burner 2.0 workout.

Friday: 30′ easy, headed out after work for a super easy little run to shake the legs out before the big Saturday WO.

Saturday: 20′ easy, 2 x 15′ @4:45-50, 3 x 10′ @4:40-45, 3 x 5′ @ 4:35 or faster, 20′ easy. I was nervous about this because of what happened on Wednesday, but I did it and that was great.

Sunday: 90′ easy, what a short long run! It was a beautiful sunny day and I ran out to fisherman’s wharf and back. I also did the NTC Abs and Arms workout.

Total Weekly Mileage: 50.1km

I will be having a bit of an easier week in preparation for the Eastside 10km next weekend in Vancouver!

Also, it’s only 6 weeks until Toronto Waterfront Marathon!

And! Happy Boston registration week!

Training Recap August 28-Sept 3

This week went well, I am happy with how my runs went, especially given it was a higher mileage week. My week started in Vancouver and then I was in Victoria for 1 night and 1 run before heading up to Campbell River for the long-weekend. It’s been super hot this weekend making it even harder to believe that it’s September.

Monday: OFF. No strength training, no core. Those were the instructions so I followed them.

Tuesday: 80′ easy, now this was an interesting run. About 15-20′ in my watch buzzed with a text from a coworker asking if I was awake, I pulled over to figure out what was going on. Turned out the alarm company had called her at 2am saying there was a break-in at our production facility. We weren’t sure what had happened so I ended up turning around and running over to the production site to check it out. Luckily, all was fine! I also did the NTC Ab Burner 2.0 workout.

Wednesday: WO Wednesday, instead of doing this one alone, I recruited my running buddy, Taylor to join me. The WO was 20′ easy, 3 sets of: 3-2-1, 30′ easy. We went out on the Seawall and crushed it.

Thursday: 50′ easy AM, 30′ easy PM, the AM run was done in Vancouver and the PM run was done in Victoria. I also did the NTC Ab Burner 2.0 workout.

Friday: 70′ easy, this was done in the afternoon once I arrived in Campbell River. I had tried to research running routes, but didn’t turn up much. It was a bit of an adventure and dead end street tour, but I got to learn the area a bit. I also did the NTC core strength workout.

Saturday: Solo WO, 20′ easy, 2 sets of 10 x 3′ at 4:40-4:50, 20′ easy, this was hot, hot, hot. I also did the NTC Ab Burner 2.0 workout.

Sunday: 150′ (2.5 hrs) easy, after unsuccessfully trying to scope out alternative routes, I decide to just go for it and start my run down Island Highway. Initially I was hesitant as it is a “highway”, but the shoulder is wide and it’s not a super busy highway. The run was great, once I got closer to the “downtown” there was a waterfront path and sidewalk to run on. The waterfront is beautiful in Campbell River boasting clear mountain views and also Quadra Island.

Total Weekly Mileage: 101. 5

This week will be a bit lighter as I prepare for the Eastside 10km in just under 2 weeks. This is one of my favourite races and I am excited to try out the new course.

Training Recap August 21-27

Another week of running in Vancouver! I realized I have spent half the summer away, a long weekend in Eugene, a long weekend on Hornby Island, 10 days in Ontario, and 6 weeks in Vancouver. It has definitely been a busy, but fun summer, I would still like to fit in a few more small weekend trips before the nice weather goes away, but we’ll see.

After 2 “bad” workouts in previous weeks and generally feeling tired and slow during my runs, I decided to visit a walk-in clinic to obtain a requisition for a blood-test. The test results showed low ferritin (iron) and B12, no surprise why my runs were sucking. Now I am taking supplements because I need these readings to go up ASAP. I’m 7 weeks out from Toronto Waterfront Marathon. 7 weeks is not long, kinda/maybe starting to freak out a bit about this. That being said, this week was pretty good, I had 2 sizeable workouts and was happy with how they went.

Monday: 40′ easy, this run began much later than I typically would head out, but it was HOT. Running at sunset was a nice change for sure.

Tuesday: 50′ easy, I ran around East Van towards New Brighton Park. I also did the NTC core strength workout.

Wednesday: WO Wednesday, 30′ easy, 3 sets of 13 min as 5’@MP, 1’@10k, 1′ easy, 5’@MP, 1’@10k, 20′ easy. I enjoyed this work-out and was happy to hit my paces and feel good.

Thursday: OFF. I did the NTC Ab burner 2.0 workout.

Friday: 60′ easy, I ran down to False Creek, I like using the Adanac bikeway from East Van to get down to the water quickly and avoid excessive stopping at lights. I also did the an NTC core workout directed by soccer phenomenon Rinaldo.

Saturday: Got up at 5am to get this work-out in a make it to yoga at English Bay park.  The WO was: 20′ easy, 6km @4:50, 4km@4:45, 3km@4:40, 2km @fast as able, 20′ easy. I do enjoy having an empty Seawall, getting my WO done early and the cool temperatures that come with starting your run at 6am.

Sunday: 135′ easy, this one hurt a little, my legs were definitely tired from Saturday’s workout, especially my calves. My calves have been insanely tight for the last few weeks, not too sure why, but I am not a fan. I also did the NTC core strength workout.

Total Weekly Mileage: 89km

I am going into my final build, and then I get a bit of a taper leading up to the Eastside 10km in Vancouver. I love this race and have done it for the past 2 years, the course is different this year, and I am not totally sure what that will mean. Previously there were a couple of hills, and I still found it to be a fast course, but I think those might be gone with the updated route, so it might be a fast and flat one.

Training Recap Aug 14-20, 2017

The week following The Seawheeze was a lot of fun, I stayed in Vancouver until Thursday afternoon. That meant catching up with friends and participating and runs/events I wouldn’t normally get to be a part of.

Monday: EVRC this run promises surprises and if you know EVRC, you know surprises are often of the liquid variety. We ran down a back-alley (typical) and then into someone’s backyard (not typical), it was actually another group-members yard, and she had generously gotten beer and poured mini red cups for everyone. Following that, we continued the run and after the big Kitchener bill, when we reached Commercial, there was another surprise. There was a table with even bigger pours of beer set up outside Famoso Pizza! The run continues back to P49 for pints.

Tuesday: 50′ easy, I ran around the neighbourhood I have been staying in when working in Vancouver – The Drive. I also did the NTC Core strength workout.

Wednesday: Another fun one! I ran to Forerunners on Main st (5km) for the Saucony Run Your World Event. In teams of 3, we had to run to 3 specific landmarks , snap a selfie and run back to the shop as fast as possible. There was a lot of hill running involved which was great because on Wednesday’s I typically do a workout. We did not win, but we had a great time.

Thursday: Sunrise run, 45′ easy, I did an out-and-back to False Creek. I also did the NTC Core strength workout.

Friday: 30′ (super) easy, back in Victoria, on the Goose.

Saturday: 20′ easy, 10km time trial (super hilly route), 45′ easy, this was very hard, the TT started out okay but very soon on my legs felt insanely heavy and depleted of energy. I did not do as well as I normally would have. I spent the rest of the day resting and relaxing to prepare for the following days’ run. Later that afternoon I did an upper body works for runners and the NTC core strength workout.

Sunday: 120′ easy, ran to my running buddy’s place and she took us on a nice scenic route with a mix of trails and roads. My legs felt really good at the beginning of the run, but by the end they were heavy and slow again. I also did the NTC Ab Burner 2.0 workout.

Total Weekly Mileage: 86.8km

This week I am back in Vancouver and really hoping this heavy feeling in my legs goes away and my energy level increases, because it’s time to get serious for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon!