Training Recap June 12-18

This week’s runs were all in Vancouver! The weather has gone back to thinking it is winter or spring, but nevertheless I am still happy for the week I had. 

Monday: East Van Run Crew @ Luppolo Brewery. This was a good easy run to start the week. Typically I have Monday off, but I switched it for Tuesday so I could join in. I also did an NTC core workout.

Tuesday: OFF. My dad arrived in Vancouver for a visit and we caught up over a beer.

Wednesday: WO, headed out to New Brighton Park and did some speed work there. 20′ warm-up, 2 sets of 4 x 90′ tempo, 20′ cool-down. I also did an NTC core workout.

Thursday: OFF. I did the NTC core crunch workout.

Friday: 30′ easy, headed out along Victoria drive and ended up on the grand view woodland bike path. 

Saturday: WO, normally done bright and early, but since I wasn’t running with the group and my dad was visiting, we went for brunch instead and did then WO in the afternoon. Decided to take advantage of the proximity to Empire Field and run over there for the warm-up and, the WO was 2 sets of 6’@4:50, 2’@4:35. Admittedly, I got a bit excited to be on the track and went a bit faster, but that’s alright. 

Sunday: 90′ easy, Father’s Day run/bike. It was raining and grey, but it had to be done. We headed out early taking the Adanac bike route to False Creek and a bit of the Seawall. We finished it off with brunch at La Mezcalaria. I also did an NTC core workout. 

Total Weekly Mileage: 50.2 km

I am working and running in Vancouver until Thursday night when I head back to the island briefly before leaving to Hornby Island for the weekend! I have never been and I cannot wait. 

Training Recap September 26-October 2

At this time next week I will have officially become a marathon runner, woohoo! The hard work is mostly done. So, now I just have to keep it together through the taper and run the race. My mileage was already reduced last week, but it will be reduced even further this week. I also will not be doing any strength training this week. This is how the week went:

Monday: 50 mins “easy” with East Van Run Crew, the group may have gotten divided and the part I was in did get lost, but we found everyone eventually!

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: 40 mins “easy” with the last 3 minutes as 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds easy, completed with the Sport Chek Robson Training Club.

Thursday: One of my final pre-marathon workouts! 15 minute warm-up followed by 15 minutes @ marathon pace, 8 minutes @ 10 seconds faster than marathon pace, 3 x 2 mins @ 15-20 seconds faster than marathon pace and a 10 minute cool-down.

Friday: 40 mins “easy”, this is the earliest I have run in a while, I left the house at 6:45am to get the run in before my 8:30am start time at work.

Saturday: Another work-out, definitely a lot more relaxed than they normally are! 15 mins “easy”, 20 mins @ marathon pace, 3 x 3 mins @ 10k pace (my favourite part), 15 mins “easy”. I did this on the Galloping Goose Trail, one of my favourite places to run in Victoria.

Sunday: 60 mins “easy”, I went along Dallas Rd which is near the end of the course for next weekends’ marathon.

Total Weekly Mileage: 55.4 km

I will share how my taper is going midweek! Good luck to everyone racing next weekend!