Training Recap May 28-June 3, 2018

This week was pretty relaxed, no workouts, no long-runs, I just did what I felt like. I cannot tell you the last time I did that because it was YEARS ago. I went on 5 runs, at all times of day. It was good, but weird. I don’t plan to continue this way though because when it comes to training I love plans and structure!

Here is how the week went:

Monday: OFF. 

Tuesday: 8km easy, and core. It felt good to get out and stretch the legs after my partial Buffalo Marathon. You can read about that here if you are interested: Training Recap May 21-27 and Surprise Race Recap

Wednesday: 10km easy, a typical out-and-back route along the beach/lakeshore. I also did core.

Thursday: 6km easy, a little rip around the beach to Ashbridges Bay Park. I also did core and strength training.

Friday: OFF. 

Saturday: 10km easy, headed out around 5pm which is late for a Saturday. I was otherwise engaged during the day, but it ended up being a nice time to run. I chose a different route which took me along Dundas. I also did core.

Sunday: 12km easy, it was grey and breezy and kind of west-coast ish. I enjoy that weather.

Total Weekly Mileage: 46km

This week is going to be a big week of NEW. I have been in Toronto for a month now, but what have I been doing? What are my plans for work and training here? I’ll touch on al of that later this week so stay tuned.

10 Signs You’re Training for a Marathon

In just 3 months, I will be toeing the start line of the Boston Marathon. I feel like even if you didn’t know I was training for a marathon, after quick look through my room (and my Strava) it would become pretty obvious. Here are 7 signs you’re training for a marathon:

1. You’re super stocked up on run fuel.

Can’t train for a long-distance event without fuel, so I have a bunch on hand for all the long runs I’ll be doing leading up to race day.

2. This is the view from your bed.

These are the medals I have received since living in BC, and my acceptance card for Boston 2018. #motivation

3. Your hydration game is on point.

Hydration is obviously very important in life as well as in endurance training and I like to replenish electrolytes by using Nuun.

4. Your training journal lives next to your bed.

Though my training schedule is kept on an excel doc, I also like to have it written in a training journal. I write down what the run is, any notes about how it went, what shoes I wore as well as when I do strength training.

5. The answer to have you seen…on Netflix is almost always YES! Recovery is a major part of training and admittedly, I spend a lot of my recovery time watching Netflix. Always accepting recommendations! Just started Black Mirror.

6. You have a stock-pile of running shoes ready to wear.

Saucony is my preferred brand of running shoes, especially Kinvara’s and the Freedom ISO’s. I have run in Saucony’s for all 3 of the marathons I have done and plan to run in them in Boston as well.

7. You have pre-scheduled your sports massages for the entire training cycle. What can I say, runners tend to like structure, routine and planning oh and massages, duh.

8. Reading for pleasure is mostly made up of running content.

Other reading I have done recently includes a 46 page power point presentation on nutrition for marathon running. I plan to print out some of the key slides and post them on the fridge.

9. You use running as a means of transportation. I am a big fan of the run commute. Instead of spending the time and money to get home and then run, I run home instead. It allows me to run while there’s still daylight, and saves time. No brainer. I also “ran” an errand the other day during my run commute home.

10. When people ask what you’re doing this weekend, you send them this meme:

Or this one:


Recovery/ Training Recap Oct 17-23

Though I am still recovering from my marathon 2 weeks ago, I did do some light training this week. I don’t even know if it can be considered training, maybe active recovery is more appropriate? In any case, it is minimal compared to what normal training looks like for me. I am still able to sleep at night, so all is well! 

I ran a total of 3 times. 

I did 3 Nike Training Club core workouts.

I did 154 push-ups (22 a day for the 22 day push-up challenge). 

Total Weekly Mileage: (a whopping) 12.03km ! 

I also worked 4 days, 10 hrs each and that’s standing for most of the day and sometimes lifting. My prediction is: I’m going to be jacked soon. Tickets for the summer 2017 gunshow  will be on sale shortly. 

Since there’s not a whole lot to say about my training this week, I’ll mention what else I was able to accomplish this week. I got a lot done around the new house. We moved our final load of stuff from Van to Vic on Saturday. I put all the clothes in the closet, realized a good 70% are athletic apparel. I’m okay with that though. There is art on the walls. See my East Van shrine below:

Other than that, I did some meal prep this morning. Growing up, we would have this dish called achiote chicken, it is from The Cafe Pasqual’s cookbook. The restaurant is in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Anyway, you mix achiote paste with orange and lime juice, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, marjoram and of course, salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil, then marinate it for 24 hours. It will be served with roasted peppers, squash, zucchini and saffron rice. Photos to follow! 

That’s my training and lifestyle update for this week! 

Reflections on Post- Victoria Marathon Recovery

After running a marathon, it is customary to give your body a break, time to recover and let the muscles and mini tears heal. I took 9 days off from running and really any physical activity at all, aside from work. I cannot tell you the last time I took this much time off from physical activity. It would probably be 10 years ago! I definitely felt like I needed a break post-marathon, but I didn’t know how such a long break would go.

From Monday (day after the marathon) to  around Friday, it was a struggle to walk. Stairs were an absolute chore and I imagine it was quite hilarious to see me manoeuvre myself around town. So, no complaints about the break there! The weekend after the marathon was prettt stormy, so it wasn’t hard to stay inside and relax. I also started a new job last week requiring me to wake up at 5:15AM and I think that helped me sleep better and feel tired! 

However, after a week off, I felt re-energized and was fiending for a run. I was not supposed to run until today though and coach was fairly firm on that though I did negotiate an easy trail run for last night instead of today. So last night was my first run back after my break. I felt good and really enjoyed running again in spite of us getting lost and finishing in the dark. Bonus is I got to put my new 200 lumin headlamp to the test and wow that thing is bright! I still won’t be doing any majorly long or challenging running  for the next little while. I am still on what’s considered a training break, but I am happy to be able to run again even if it’s short, easy runs! 

Plus, word on the street is: if you don’t need the recovery, you didn’t train hard enough! 

I am enjoying the time off more than I thought I would. I can definitely see why planning a vacation for right after a marathon is a perfect time for it, something to think about next time!