Training Recap March 19-25, 2018

This week was pretty BIG. I was definitely tired going into it after the half last Sunday check out my Race Recap: Comox Half-Marathon  In less than 2 weeks I will be in Toronto and in 3 weeks I will be in Hopkinton waiting to start the race. I decided to go to Toronto the week before Boston to acclimate to East Coast time and relax before the race.

Monday: OFF. I actually took the day off and did no running, weights, or core!

Tuesday: I did strength in the morning, ran 60′ easy in the afternoon and then did core.

Wednesday: My WO’ was: 20′ easy, 4×2’@4:40, and then 12′ continuous running up and down a hill, 20′ easy, the hill part was absolutely BRUTAL.

Thursday: 70′ easy, did an out and back to the bog, we were lucky enough to catch the sunny part of the day for this. I also did an upper body and core workout.

Friday: 35′ easy, I ran to work.

Saturday: WO, 20′ easy, 8km @ 5 seconds slower than marathon pace, 2×1 mile @ half-marathon pace, 7km @ marathon pace, 3km @ half-marathon pace, 4km @marathon pace. This ended up being 30km, my last supersized workout of this training cycle!

Sunday: 2:10 easy, did a mix of road and trail, this was very hard by the end and my legs were absolutely DONE when I finished. I also did core.

Total Weekly Mileage: 94.3km

And now I taper! That means 2 days off running this week, (WHAT!?).

Taper Crazies

The taper crazies are pretty full blown over here! I have had back-to-back race dreams. The first was a good one, I ran a 2:55 marathon, that’s what dreams are for right? The second one was more of a nightmare, we were driving to the ferry to go to the USA and once we were there I realized I hadn’t packed any of my stuff and couldn’t go. Not cool. This morning I didn’t wake up remembering any dreams, but I did wake up an hour early, unable to go back to sleep (at 4am).

Other than that, I am bored and feeling high energy. I have been watching way too much Netflix, normally between working at 6am and running I don’t have energy for much more. Bare in mind that this isn’t focused Netflix watching. It includes compulsive phone use ranging from checking the Eugene weather forecast, to race website to making notes about paces and equivalent finish times. To make things worse, I’m also laughing at silly comedies I know aren’t that funny and that I wouldn’t normally laugh at. Not running is a shock to the system, I tell ya.

There are still 5 more full days until this thing happens. Today I have a small workout, so I’m hoping that will help and then there are 2 more runs before race day. At least the taper still includes some running, otherwise I’m not sure what I’d do! 

How do you stay sane during a taper?

Taper Update

Good morning, Happy day-before-Friday.  Well, including today there are 3 days left until I take on the Victoria Marathon. This week I have run twice so far though the runs have been only 8km and 5km. This morning I will be running another 8km and then the final run will be just 20 minutes on Saturday.

At this point, the taper hasn’t been so bad. I definitely feel like I have extra energy. Sometimes to the point where the feeling is similar to when you drink too much coffee. And no, I haven’t been doing that. 

Another observation I have had (though who knows if the taper is to blame) is that my emotions are heightened. By that I mean they are exaggerated, like I am often feeling super-super good and happy. However, there have been a few moments of other emotions like anger and frustration which come on quickly. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this before? It could be a reaction to stress or nerves, but I am not totally sure. 

Sometimes when I am less active in the day I have trouble sleeping. I was worried that might be the case this week. So far it hasn’t been an issue and I have been sleeping surprisingly well. I am reading to fall asleep instead of watching tv/ scrolling Instagram and that has probably helped too. 

So what have I been doing with all my extra time? I have spent most evenings and some mornings tearing apart the condo and packing it up. Not only am I running the Victoria marathon this weekend, I am also moving back there. Luckily, there is no furniture to move and it’s all clothes, decorations and some small kitchen appliances. I am shocked by how much stuff can fit into this sub 500 ft space. Having something to do with my free time is definitely helping out my mental game, otherwise I would probably be glued to TLC and getting restless sitting on the couch. Truth be told, I am still watching TLC, just I walk around packing and organizing things at the same time. 

Hope everyone is having a great week and getting through the taper! 

What do you do to stay sane during the taper?