Training Recap November 20-26

This week involved a lot of climbing, in part from a hill workout, but mostly due to a last minute XC race at Thetis Lake Park. My legs are definitely tired, but switching up the routine was a lot of fun.

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 45′ easy, I ran to meet a friend and we did a little out and back. I did an arm workout.

Wednesday: Group WO, as soon as we arrived it started pouring! We did 20′ easy, 3 sets of 2 x 1 min, 2 x 30 sec hill sprints, 20′ easy. I did a core workout too.

Thursday: OFF. I did a core workout.

Friday: 60′ easy, I ran down to the ocean on Dallas rd and then looped back.

Saturday: I made a last minute decision to register for an XC race to switch it up. It featured lots of mud, and deep water, but it was really fun.

Sunday: 100′ easy, met up with 2 friends and we headed downtown and then west along the ocean. I also a did an arm workout.

Total Weekly Mileage: 58.3 km

Training Recap June 26-July 2

Last weekend (the most fun weekend ever!) took a lot out of me, and as such it was an absolute struggle to get up all week for my 6am alarm. This was my first week back in Victoria after then rest of June was spent in Vancouver. I ran all 7 days and was happy to attend both Weekly Island Striders workouts, plus a team meeting! 

It’s getting hot pretty early in the morning now, so I might have to reconsider my mid-afternoon runs and either wait till later or start super early. In other news, my annual Garmin tan is off to a great start and I’m sure after 2 more months of sun, it’ll be even more amazing! 

Here’s what I did this week:

Monday: 90′ easy, owed from Sunday, but we were in no shape to run post-wedding so..

Tuesday: 45′ easy, I ran home from work and then did an NTC abs and arms workout.

Wednesday: Group workout at UVIC track, it was 20′ easy followed by 2×90” tempo, and then 2 sets of 5x200m on the track. Challenging for sure! But wait, that’s not all, we did a series of plyos too, which I am not coordinated enough for, but I tried! Lots of hilarious photos from that. And then because that wasn’t sufficient, a core session, which was also tough, but I enjoyed it.

Thursday: 90′ easy, I took a similar route as Monday, but a bit slower since my legs were “feeling” the previous days’ track workout. This route takes me along the ocean for a while, and then all the way up Cook St for some killer hills.

Friday: 30′ easy and 5×10” strides, I ran to work so I could get my run out of the way. I also did the NTC core strength workout.

Saturday: Group workout: hills, this was another difficult workout, short, but definitely not easy. We had 20′ easy, 2×1′ hill repeats, 3×45” hill repeats, 3×30” hill repeats, 3×15” hill repeats, 90 second break, then 5’@ tempo, 20′ easy. The hill we used had a major incline and I couldn’t have been happier when we got down to the 15 second ones! I also did the NTC Ab burner workout.

Sunday: The plan was 90′ easy, so a few other Island Striders and I headed out to Mt. Doug and promised an “easy loop”. Well one of the girls is a bit of a mountain goat, and it didn’t end up being easy. In fact, it ended up being difficult and so steep some of the climbing was actually hiking. The views were amazing though. Since she was only joining us for the first bit, we continued onto a gravel trail after that and were able to pick up the pace for the rest of the run hitting the 18km we were targeting, but weren’t sure was achievable after the hilly start!

Total Weekly Mileage: 81.8

This week my time will be split in 3 cities and 2 provinces, the first bit of the week will be in Victoria, followed by a couple days in Vancouver and then Friday I fly to Toronto for vacation in Muskoka! 

STC: Day 3


I woke up super early again -on my own. I had breakfast and biked downtown to meet the other ladies for our short shake-out run. We started at Howe Sound Secondary School, where the race start line is, so we could test out some of the course. I arrived a bit early and naturally had to take some photos, Squamish is just so pretty!


We went out for 30 minutes easy along the race course on Government St. We started at 8:30am which is when the race starts and it was already super hot! Fortunately, the course was very flat as promised. Once we turned around, we were met with quite a strong headwind which I personally enjoyed due to the heat. However, we were still hoping for less heat and no wind for race day. We finished off by doing strides in the field by the school and that was the end of our run for the day. We decided to shower and meet at the Squamish Farmer’s market to get our race packages (read: bibs and pins) and look around.


Instead of cycling down to the farmers market, I decided to try taking transit. The transit in Squamish consists of about 3 buses, oh and on Saturday the bus only comes every hour, except it was also 15 minutes late! I made it to the farmers market, met the girls and we grabbed our race bibs from two unsuspecting people sitting on a bench with a sign reading, “Squamish Days 8km Package Pick-up” on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. Most low key package pick-up ever! Everyone was hungry so we went to the Copper Coil to have lunch, they have a patio overlooking the farmers market and the street so it was a great spot for people watching. 4/5 of us ordered the same quinoa and sweet potato salad, I added chicken to mine for more protein. The salad was surprisingly REALLY GOOD, I say this because I don’t normally expect pub food to be good. Squamish isn’t exactly a premier dinning destination, so there are a lot of pub type places, but this one is worth checking out. They have a smoker and use it to cook all of their meats.

We walked through the farmers’ market again and got some local goodies. Since it was the day before race day we didn’t want to do excess walking, so we went to the park and sat there for a while relaxing, some of us had naps. We got hungry again and went to Sunflower Bakery/ Zephyr Cafe for treats. We stood outside eating them, remarking that it was again a VERY hot day and hoped for cooler weather on race day. We went for a pre-dinner lay down and to escape the sun for a bit.


For dinner, we went to The Watershed, it was the view that drew us there and that turned out to be the only redeeming quality of The Watershed. The service was unacceptably slow, one person didn’t receive part of their meal until the server was reminded twice and no apology was offered. Whats worse is as soon as I got home from dinner, I started to feel incredibly ill. As in, stabbing pains in my stomach. Not saying it was from eating there, it could very well have been something else, but when you have a negative experience at a restaurant AND get sick after, it is hard not to assume they are related.

It was not a fun night for me, I felt like I was waiting to throw up, but it never happened. The stomach pain and nausea continued. Not what you want on the eve of race day!

Squamish Training Camp Recap: Day 2




I woke up pretty early, as in before 6am, without an alarm. We had a trail run planned at Alice Lake and I was going to be picked up at 8:30am. I had oatmeal and strawberries for breakfast and grabbed a coffee from Bean Around The World at the end of the street. I filled my hydration pack, grabbed my trail runners and waited for my ride.


The drive to Alice Lake only took 10 minutes, we went to the four lakes trails, which were beautiful! None of us had run at Alice Lake before except coach Mar, so we eagerly took in the scenery. She was a great, entertaining guide and we covered a fair amount of trail. The terrain was a mix between flat and some inclines, some easy parts of the trail and some more technical. All in all, it would be considered a beginner trail, I would say. It was an easy 60 minute run day, and it was awesome to do it in the woods. Squamish has a bounty of trails, and Alice Lake is just one example. There are trails everywhere, you just have to find them. After our run, we re-hydrated with coconut water (Thanks, Jes!) and headed to Alice Lake beach to relax for a bit. When we could no longer contain our hunger, we drove to Bean Around The World for some sandwiches and coffee then went back to the beach to eat and hangout.


After the sand and sun, we drove to downtown Squamish and had gelato. We also cruised the local shops. It was HOT, and we were tired after a lot of time in the sun. We decided to take a bit of a pre-dinner siesta. I showered and actually managed to fall asleep briefly, I am NOT a napper, but I was exhausted. We had dinner at The Howe Sound Brew Pub. I chose a burger with salad and a glass of their anniversary dry hopped sour beer. It was all quite good and satisfying. The burger was super juicy. I would definitely recommend Howe Sound Brew Pub for lunch or dinner when in Squamish!