Shoe Review: Under Armour Gemini 2

imageAs a runner and shoe nerd, I have tried many brands and styles of athletic shoes. However, until this evening I had never run in any Under Armour shoes. I was lucky enough to receive these from work (#workperks), so before I tell you my review here are the specs:

  • Offset: 8mm
  • Weight: 9oz
  • Price: $160 CAD


I took these out for a 20 minute walk and a 7km easy run. They were great for walking, and I felt like I was being propelled forward. This was followed by a 40 minute easy run which was just over 7km. At 9oz the Gemini 2 are quite light in weight, which I liked. They pack a lot of cushioning into those 9oz. Each brand has their own type or name of cushioning and Under Armour uses speedform. They feel springy and I would consider them to be quite responsive. These would be an ideal shoe for any kind of speed work.

In terms of fit, I found them true to size.  The Gemini 2 hug the midfoot in a way that feels secure. They are spacious in the toe box, which I liked. My feet are on the wider side, but these fit perfectly!

They come in many different colour choices and let’s be honest, colour matters to MOST people. I especially like the fade detail on the side of the shoe that goes from turquoise like the shoe’s upper to green like the laces.

Overall, I was impressed with the Gemini 2 and would give them a 3.5/5.