Training Recap Feb 5-11

This week was pretty relaxed since I was preparing to race. That meant cutting down from running 6 days to 5, and my Saturday run was only 20 minutes long. I also cut down my strength training from 2 days to 1. I take the week before a race pretty seriously, so if I’m cutting mileage, I cut strength as well to really let my body recover in order to race well.

Here is how the week went:

Monday: OFF. I did strength training and core.

Tuesday: 45′ easy, I ran home from work.

Wednesday: Group WO, 15′ easy, 2km@HMP, 4×90”@10km pace, 15′ easy. I hit the HMP about 12 seconds faster than my goal pace, but I knew in the race, I would have to make sure to stick to the true pace or risk burnout. I also did core.

Thursday: 40′ easy, snuck this run in before work with my buddy. It was nice to see the sun rising earlier for a change, spring is coming! I also did an arm and core workout.

Friday: OFF. Really, I didn’t do anything.

Saturday: 20′ easy, and strides. Did this pretty early as we had planned to catch the 9am ferry to Van.

Sunday: 10′ easy, Van 1st Half, 20′ easy, for a total of 26km, haven’t seen that number in a while.

Total Weekly Mileage: 54.2 km

Stayed tuned for a race recap later this week!

Friday 5: March 3

It’s been a long time since I have done a Friday 5 post. I think they are a fun way to share things that don’t fit in other posts. 

1) Soup: I have been obsessed with soup this winter. It has been a lot colder than normal for BC and soup is a perfect way to warm up and get in some veggies. Just make sure you time the soup for after your run! I made a pretty bad mistake a few weeks ago of having a bowl of vegan tomato soup only a few hours before my run. It was a very flavourful run 😂.

2) Training in a group vs. alone: last marathon cycle, I trained alone. I logged all the prescribed miles and it wasn’t bad at all. This training cycle, I am running with 2 other women, one is doing Boston and the other is doing Eugene too. I think there have been and will continue to be more benefits by training with others. 

3) These shoes: I have been a Kinvara fan for several editions, but I am super excited to try the 8’s. From what I’ve heard the improvements are significant! I love this colour too 😍

4) Ginger: I love everything ginger, the flavour, the way it helps with upset stomachs. Ginger is one of the 3 ingredients in my favourite gel Endurance Tap. I am even thinking about trying to make my own natural gingerale. There are some good ones out there, but I would probably increase the ginger and decrease the sugar to make it absolutely perfect. 

5) This coffee: I have been a big fan of their beans since I found them at the cafe across the street from me in Vancouver. Since the roastery is actually located here, on Vancouver Island, there are even more varieties to try. They also have their own coffee shop in Vancouver, which I highly reccomend. Or just order their beans online. They are the best!

Hope you have a great weekend! 

Training Recap Feb 6-12

The weather presented further challenges this week, we got a big snowfall on Wednesday that caused havoc on the roads and resulted in our group workout being cancelled. On Saturday morning when I headed out to meet the group, I was surprised by how icy it was everywhere. I almost slid down my street and once I got to the trail, it was even worse. We were concerned about the conditions of the roads for our speed workout, but used the warm-up to scout out a location that was ice free.  The following day was so sunny and beautiful it was hard to believe there was ever snow, my fingers are crossed for more spring weather!

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 40 minutes easy, I ran to work in the snow. It was pretty fun!

Wednesday: The snowstorm: we did 115′ minutes easy due to our workout being cancelled.

Thursday: 45 minutes easy, slush city, but it cleared up by the time I went running and the sun came out too.

Friday: 30 minutes easy and 5 x 10” hill sprints, I ran home from work and since I live at the top of a hill either way, I used that for my hill sprints. 

Saturday: Group workout, 20 minutes easy, 10 minutes at marathon pace, 6-5-4-3-2-1 starting at half marathon pace and increasing speed, 6 minutes at marathon pace and then 20 minutes easy. This was good work and my legs felt it too.

Sunday: You know those days where you start your run and are surprised by how fresh your legs feel? That was how this run felt, I was naturally going a bit faster than I would for a Sunday run, the sun was shinning and it was all just great. If every long run can be like this, the training cycle will be AMAZING! 

Total Weekly Mileage: 71.3km

I also did 2 NTC workouts and a 1 strength training session, still working on doing 2 of those per week!

Friday 5: Winter Running Edition

This has been the first actual “winter” I have had in 3 years, and it’s just beginning! It isn’t winter if there isn’t snow (obviously). Last night there was a lot of hype about a large snowstorm. To be honest, I didn’t really believe it, but I did wake up to snow this morning. Since snow isn’t the norm here even the little bit that did fall is a big deal! 

Here are my 5 favourite things good about winter running:

1) Tea, specifically Silk Road Sour Cherry Tea, this is so good and a great way to warm up on a cold winters day! Pre-run, post-run or both! 

2) There are less people out: dodging and weaving through people while running can be quite challenging. Certain routes are so popular that they need be avoided during the warmer season, not the case in the winter! 

3) Winter Running Gear, since I am from Toronto, I was used to wearing winter running clothes and layers. While running in moderate temperatures is preferable, at least I can get some use out of my winter running coat and other cold weather gear. I haven’t had to wear any of it since I’ve been in BC! 

4) Soup Season: if you’re going to run in the cold and snow, you definitely need something to warm you up once you’re done. Food is always the right choice and soup is the perfect option! There are a couple great soup recipes in Run Fast. Eat Slow. I’m going to work my way through. This week I made chili and corn muffins, so good and so warming. 

5) Snow: the snow is really pretty, and makes for some really nice photos. Especially because snow is rare here, if it snowed all the time it wouldn’t have made this list! 

Winter running can be a challenge, but it’s all about finding the little things that make it a bit better. Happy Friday!